A secret about Dofus Kamas Feb-13-2022

Dofus Kamas Retro Temporis: Halvari Sendor impaired until upkeep

While it permitted you to gather Ioptons and Tempotons through your callings in the Hall of Valor, the NPC Halvari Sendor has been deactivated until the following DOFUS Retro Temporis upkeep. A surprisingly positive turn of events: this choice was made to restrict a proviso in acquiring Ioptons.but do not influence people to Buy dofus kamas.

Assuming you've never managed him (or if nothing else on the off chance that you don't recall that), he permitted you to get Ioptons when you came to converse with him with a calling at level 100. Then again, actually, not ailing in liberality, the NPC offers you Ioptons for your initial 6 level 100 callings… But likewise each time you fail to remember a calling and raise it again to this level. So it was feasible to get a lot of circling Ioptons just by mounting your exchanges.

A long way from the desire of the GDs of the game, this Halvari Sendor has hence been deactivated until the following upkeep. Specifically Wednesday, February 16, 2022. A choice that likewise raises doubt about the achievement of the main mission you get when you show up in the Hall of Valor. Try not to freeze however, talk with this NPC is auto-approved when you enter the guide.