About Play the Dofus Kamas game May-25-2020

Oh also the memory leaks are still there. Play the Dofus Kamas game for more than a half hour and watch the game die a slow glitchy death.

It always depresses me when I hear others talk about wakfu like this, not because I disagree really since honestly I almost entirely agree. Just a bunch of very -very- stupid devs that ruined what could of been a really fun game.

Im in the same boat honestly. The first 5 months after launch was amazing. So many things to look forward to in a very under-represented format (french, turn based, sandbox). I just dont understand how their priorities could be so discombobulated. Its honestly a crime with how mishandled it was.

Saw this thread and thought I would give it a try, ended up playing on Ilyzaelle. Was not expecting it to be this populated, I even had to wait in a queue this morning to even log in lol. Didn't really have any trouble with finding other English speakers, they have their own chat channel in game. I'm really liking the game so far, the hardest thing is picking a class, they're all seem pretty unique so I've been testing out a few. Trying my best to find some guides on how to build and hoping I don't pick a useless class no one wants to play with lol. If anyone's got any suggestions I'd love to hear it.

Wakfu is worse than Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale though simply because they have zero clue what they are doing with that game. The only thing it does better is graphics and design.You mean turn based mmorpgs? Because there are plenty of mmorpgs around and much better ones too.

Outdated as in they can make it a lot better engine wise and add new features to make game more fun.

Honestly, my personal goals are to achieve every achievement possible in the game just because I feel compelled to do so because of the challenge

Besides that, I like to do quests to learn the story about anything in the world of Twelve, although there's a lot that I already don't remember because perhaps I didn't pay enough attention on did it a long time ago, that's why I intend to create a New character and play on them for some time just to redo quests to learn again about what I've forgotten.

I definitely need to start reading the quest dialogue more. It's quite entertaining when I have done so, though I think I stopped when I was trying to complete all the Astrub quests and had 10 active quests going haha. I definitely enjoy trying to go for those title achievements too, they're quite fun to get.

Ideally, you'd be doing a sequence of quests up to the start of the Emerald Dofus, then you're basically free to do any quest that you want, and every and each one has their own memes and references and lore, so it's hella cool.

For example, the story of enutrosor (Enutrof's dimension) is basically the voyagers trying to make arrangements with them to settle their terms to let both benefit from their agreements, Srambad is that someone of the voyagers was killed and they blammed Gein (Sram's son, which you work another time to face the corruption among the voyagers) for that, besides the whole politic discourse after the Queen of Thieves took the Throne of Srambad and a lot of other things on the other dimensions.

I have a panda 200 and a rogue currently 196. My first goal is to bring the rogue 200, then of course proper setbuilding (also panda still needs full tank set).

Next plan is doing duo dungeon achievements and unlock the most expensive dofuses like ivory.A telefrag happens when you move something to an already occupied square. The objects are swapped and both get telefraged. Every time you create a telefrag you get +2ap, but only once per turn for each different spell.