All of this happened on Dofus Kamas Friday and Saturday Nov-15-2019

After Ankama's annoucement (saying they won't punish anyone who used this bug and that they'll fix the bug in one fucking month) people who knew the technique (maybe 2 to 5 people) bought every single thing from  Bonta and Brakmar and leaked the technique (which needs 2Bllions+ Kamas to be done). Everybody then sold everything they could at insane prices and everything was bought in a few minutes only from selling places.

When I say insane prices, I literally made 2 billions in 30 minutes just by selling shitty MP exos and low level items. Everybody then started duplicating their items/dofus/etc. until server closed.

All of this happened on Dofus Kamas Friday and Saturday and I've never seen so many people connected in game at once, it was quite fun with everyone playing with 16AP/7MP minimum. Unfortunately Ankama decided to shut down the servers until they solve the problem, even though they knew they'll do a rollback.

Ah I see, I've heard about the "glitch" for a while now, but Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro never understood how such a big glitch could happen, thanks for the thorough answer!

It seems like the ones who abused the glitch wont be punished (it was said by a mod in the spanish forums) great fucking job ankama.

They already have been banned and the servers are closed until later today, I feel like Ankama knew that if they didn't do shit the guys would go nuts and they could prove the duplication and ban them.

This is a common bug, it happened in Crocabulia a few years back (before Dofus 2.0 arrived) and everyone involved was banned and the items were taking from everyone's inventory and market.

The 800 raw meat sells for quite a bit even tho it being the lvl 1 meat. That is because ppl buy it to lvl hunter fast and dont want to bother hunting low lvl mobs.I had been putting some stuff in the trash bins before I quit the game 3 years ago. That may be why.

I was from Rosal too but I didn't mean I was that guy :p I meant that some people do that when they are quitting the game.Exactly. I have recently started over on Ilyaezelle. Hit me up anytime if you want some company. My ign is Ka-Boomboozled.

I thought about it. But i never did much maging. I'd likely bleed a lot of runes.I have played for 9 years and i have never lost an item because of a bug. This is so sad !

Whisp me on Meriana tonight, I’ll give you enough to buy a new one or the ogrines equivalent.

Woow thats really kind of you, my in game nickname is Brudas, and are you playing on ilyzaelle?

I don't remember bugs that made mz hate the game but one thing it does is the fluidity. This game isn't smooth, it ruin the game experience. I have a more than capable pc, 8gb of RAM isnt enough for 4 accounts. Sometimes after only 1h, my clients can use up to 1.1Gb of RAM each.

That really sucks, how exactly did you lose the tablet? Because I am just about to do that part myself.