Ankama hardens the principles Nov-21-2021

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To battle against the maltreatment of specific players who utilized a few records all the while, Ankama has declared that it will straighten out its standards on DOFUS Rétro single-account servers.

Accessible for a considerable length of time, Dofus Kamas Retro's single-account servers have been well known with numerous players. Sadly, some of them have failed to remember what single record implies and are strolling all throughout the Planet of 12 with different records all the while.

To battle against this disallowed practice, Ankama has chosen to react by fixing its guidelines of the game. As of Wednesday, January 13, different associations from a similar IP will be hindered. This implies that assuming you are playing with your sibling or sister, you should alternate as you can not be associated simultaneously.

Albeit this punishes numerous players, Ankama has no other decision despite the fact that the distributer is presently dealing with different answers for address this issue. You can anyway count on the other Dofus servers which are more adaptable on the principles.