​Another chic admonition post Oct-11-2019

Hi everyone. Searching advanced of the proposed Sacrier changes for 2.53 that I didn't like actual much, I'm searching into testing two added classes while I delay for the final changes to access next week.

I've been searching into Ecaflip and Pandawa. I fabricated an abolishment bout with my accessory amid the 18 classes in the eight application a few belief and concluded up accepting Eca, Panda and Cra as my three finalists, but as I've been a Cra for a long time in several Dofus instances I played, I chose to bead it for now.

The final belief were Accident (average dmg per turn, not accomplished burst), Teamplay (which brings a lot of to a team/which is a lot of capital on a team) and Survivability (how continued you endure in a difficult abreast afterlife bearings and what accoutrement are available for you to accomplish that) and they both denticulate about the same, so I intend to play a little bit of both afore choosing.

As my Sacrier is akin 87, I plan on aggravating both classes up until 75-90 (depending on how I adore arena it). So I would like to apprehend your thoughts on both classes.

Of advance I plan to yield the chic I accept to endgame, but I don't plan on speedrunning the game, so I will try to adore both aboriginal and mid bold and I'd like that to be taken into application as well.

Also, you may acclaim a third chic that is not Sacrier, Cra, Osa, Sadida and Xelor and say why you acclaim it and I will attending into it again.

Thank you!