But Kamas Dofus Retro at higher levels you have more spells Jun-03-2020

At low levels 2x hand might do more damage, but Kamas Dofus Retro at higher levels you have more spells that let you telefrag. So since you get ap refunded you can cast hand, then cast another 5-6 spells creating telefrags potentially.

A typical combo if you have 10 ap is to cast hand on an enemy, then place your dial on the opposite side of you compared to the enemy. Then cast xelors punch to swap the enemy with the dial, creating a telefrag, then cast temporal dust to swap them back, then cast frostbite to swap them again. You've now telefraged the enemy 3 times and dealt heaps of damage. You now have 2 ap left to use haziness to buff your ap for next turn, or use teleportation to get away, or do whatever else you want. Obviously as you get higher level and more ap you can do bigger combos.

I'm a dumb fat le american who cannot pas french strategy. I appreciate the link. Just starting up again after 6+ years hiatus, used to be an Ecaflip before all the changes.

I only really play temp servers, or quit after a short time on permanent servers, so the way I play will be very different to others. In general the goal is to rush level 200, then from there if I’m really enjoying the server I’ll get lv 200 gear and dofuses and just play around soloing or Duoing lv 200 content. Or I’ll quit. Lv 200 is the goal, nothing else.

I want to achieve a lot of achievement, and get lvl 200 I'm quit slow while leveling up but I'm having fun, I want all the dofus.

16k points and 6/6 ornament Am working on my dofus ocre for the moment shit is hard.My goals: See how far i can go solo as a noob xP to create good content from dofus on YT Find char that gonna be my main And just have fun.

My current goal is to get my second team to level 199. After that I plan on doing all the lucrative dungeon achievs, which is going to take a while as I haven't done any of the hard end game dungeons.

After that I'm probably going to make a double Sadida team to be able to farm efficiently lots of different content, but I have to first figure out if I can do it without breaking the bank.

Get all professions to 100+ have to craft all pieces by myself (in retro). Playing with 8team so it won't take ages/did it once with solo so no need for that nostalgia.

I completely forget Qilby, he's obviously the smartest, since he has thousands of years worth of experience over everything.

Nox's insanity is that of an emotionallygrief stricken & broken parent that lost their kids. His backstory is sad, albeit. All that research and hard work, only to be able to travel like 20min back into the past when he was under the assumption he could go back YEARS in time.

There's the theory that his time machine worked and when he and yugo saw ogrest was because they did the trip back in time but in the confusion of the moment he used all the wakfu to go to the future and try to go back again.

I’d say he only has a superiority complex, recall that he refuses to Buy Dofus Kamas hurt any Eliatrope despite his threats, and basically how little he cares about other races or planets, as he sees the Eliatropes as the dominant race of the Krosmoz.