Depleting the Dofus Kamas of the planets Jun-10-2020

The Eliatropes were indeed the first race to ever exist, and they were gifted, and his goal of exploring the Krozmos can be seen as more important than the fate of a single planet among trillions.

Also, he does care about other races, why do you think he got all those specimens and started going mad when Adamai (that little asshole) started destroying them ? he knew the costs of exploring the Krozmos, and all these creatures and plants he encountered on his journey was important and unique, that's why he was keeping them in his lab, before depleting the Dofus Kamas of the planets and thus killing all life on it.

Oropo id say is the worst of three, starting of simply with his design, which looks nothing like an Eliotrope, and basically he just doesn’t feel as good as the other two and pales in comparison.

You don't like him ? huh. I like him as much as the others personally, even though he felt a bit less... developed ? but that's because of them fucking financials issues they had with season 3.Financial issues doomed Wakfu and it really hurts. I feel S4 might suffer cause of this as well. S3 could’ve been amazing given a bigger budget and we could’ve actually seen what they planned. I mean have you seen adult Adama?’s dragon form?

S4 will also suffer from the lack of money they have, but I liked S3 even though, so I'm sure I'll also like S4.And honestly Adamai's dragon form is pretty cool, a bit copied from you know who, but yeah he's cool.

If you like FF tactics and grinding crazy amounts to drop RNG materials to make items it's pretty good. Just be warned that much of the content and pretty much all of the extremely good/high end items/dungeons are based around partying/grouping. Plan to make some friends and join a guild if you really want to get the most out Dofus.

Grouping opens up a lot of different play styles too since for example Sacraers can pull monsters or swap places with team mates on the board. Pandawas can actually pickup and walk team mates around and also throw them. It's been awhile since I played and they've added more classes even but depending on group comp strategies can vary quite a bit for any given content.

After playing MMOs that kind of discourage multiplayer or you don't need it, playing a game you need to party with would be really nice.I love Dofus and Wakfu, its sequel of a sort. I always return to them when I have that little itch.

The developers are a French company and are active in that medium mostly. English updates comes after translation and with lesser fervor. You can try looking for their official discord channel.

The game is a lot slower with the Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale turn based system but it can get quite intense since you are on a timer and bigger fights can get draggy or unnecessarily complicated but that's just the charm of the game really. You find urself putting some thought into spell cooldowns and tactical decisions affecting subsequent turns.