Dofus 2.59: the greatest bug fix is ​​coming Nov-25-2021

Ankama is going to dispatch its greatest fix which is relied upon to fix many server bugs. A more drawn out Dofus Kamas beta will be dispatched just as a Q&A meeting on Twitch.

Prodded for a long time, the new update 2.59 of Dofus has at last introduced itself. It will for the most part center around fixing extremely enormous bugs in the game and to tweak these fixes, a more extended than-regular beta will be dispatched at a date not yet uncovered. It will most recent a month, the ideal opportunity for players to have the option to test the many changes arranged.

This exceptionally unique update, with no new substance, was in progress for quite a while. Beta 2.59 will most recent multi month, during which time we will intently screen player criticism, fundamentally to confirm that what has been amended and tried without precedent for our test climate really acts as we expected at the players. We will likewise be exceptionally mindful of all relapse bugs which are breakdowns presented by the use of a fix ... It appears to be unusual said that way, however on a game that has the life span of Dofus (because of its energetic local area and the difficult work of his group) this shockingly happens consistently.

All classes will be impacted by the fixes, and Ankama remarkably declares a change for the Sacrier class, which ought to get a rebalancing of its interactivity.

We would already be able to let you know that this will be altered in 2.59 and that every one of the enhancements imagined will be accessible in the beta stage. The full changelog for changes to the class will be accessible when the beta opens.

Note that the distributer likewise plans to contact the matchmaking and the game customer which will be upgraded and whose presentation will be improved. For the classes alone, Ankama counts almost 300 bugs which will be revised, which gives the size of the undertaking generally.