DOFUS 2.60 - Pandamonium is coming: new area, new equipment Jun-25-2021

DOFUS update 2.60, Players will be able to discover the new level 200 zone located northeast of Pandala. The Atoll of the Possessed will feature a new dungeon, new equipment, quests and new monsters, and the Eliocalypse continues in the Reminiscence chapter.

DOFUS 2.60 - Pandamonium

Eliocalypse, monsters and area information

You may have forgotten it but for 3 years the world of the Twelve has been disturbed by the Eliocalypse and this new play area introduces a new chapter to this narrative arc: Reminiscence. After facing the Horsemen of the Eliocalypse and bringing some balance back to Pandala, after helping Draconiros and finding the Ink and Paper Dofus and then gathering the two Pandala dragons and meeting Imagirorukam, a new adventure awaits. the Twelve in the underworld of Pandala, at the Atoll of the Possessed.

The Possessed are Douziens who ventured not far from this new area and who were possessed by demons, a priori Shushus. At the time of Dofus, there is no question of the non-aggression pact that can be found in the era of Wakfu. According to the team in charge of the game, we should therefore expect some adventures with the Shushus, and not only Pandala, in the future.

Through 13 quests, players will have to know more about the identity of these Possessed, and especially to know their motivations and what pushes them to act recently.

Regarding quests. Beyond those related to this new game area, other quests related to the "Pandala epilogue" and the post-reunification of the Primordial Dofus will be offered to players and they may have a link with the Eliocalype. .

New equipment, and new stat mounts

The Possessed Set focuses on Earth / Air, Pushback Damage and MP Withdrawal. It also offers two summons and two of Range. It consists of an amulet, a belt and a ring.

The Single Element Pandamonium Set Earth, Heal, Dodge and AP Dodge. It consists of a ring, an amulet and a wand that is strong enough but cannot write.

Three independent objects including a shield for a melee game that does not have a resistance penalty, there is also a hammer that ... heals on several lines and finally a cloak based on beautiful lines of characteristics and being a single Air element . It also gives 1 AP and 1 Range.

Two new mounts with statistics appear. One is more PvM oriented and the second PVP. The Teh'Niak is more intended for summoner characters via its large bonus of 2 summons, accompanied by elemental damage. It can be obtained as a reward for the content of the zone added in this update.

The second mount, the Tortikoli, can be obtained at Kolizéum and grants a strong bonus of Tackle and Thrust Resistances in order to be able to get in contact with his opponents while being able to counter their pushing game. It is quite situational but should find its place in player builds.

Balances: scalpel strikes for the Osamodas

The summoner class of Dofus will come under the scalpels of the Game Design team to provide first solutions to reduce the power of the class. It was indicated that the work carried out will not resolve the problem as of this update, but it will at least help to mitigate it. Further balances will be proposed for the Osamodas in an upcoming update.

The Rogue should be initially concerned with a balancing, to reduce his impact in PVM and restore interest in PVP thanks to new tools. This is something that is still being considered but will be offered a little later, in a future update.

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