DOFUS 2.60 - Pandamonium is coming: new region, new gear Sep-13-2021

DOFUS update 2.60 is coming very soon and it's been acquainted with players over the most recent couple of days. The Atoll of the Possessed will include another prison, new hardware, journeys and new beasts, and the Eliocalypse proceeds in the Reminiscence part.

You might have failed to remember it yet for a very long time the universe of the Twelve has been upset by the Eliocalypse and this new play region acquaints another part with this story curve: Reminiscence. Subsequent to confronting the Horsemen of the Eliocalypse and taking some equilibrium back to Pandala, in the wake of aiding Draconiros and discovering the Ink and Paper Dofus and afterward assembling the two Pandala winged serpents and meeting Imagirorukam, another experience is standing by. the Twelve in the hidden world of Pandala, at the Atoll of the Possessed.

The Possessed are buy DOFUS kamas who have wandered not a long way from this new region and who have been moved by evil spirits, deduced Shushus. At the hour of Dofus, there is no doubt of the peace settlement that can be found in the period of Wakfu. As per the group responsible for the game, we ought to accordingly anticipate a few undertakings with the Shushus, and not just Pandala, later on.

Through 13 missions, players should find out about the character of these Possessed, and particularly to know their inspirations and what pushes them to act as of late.

Concerning. Past those identified with this new game region, different journeys identified with the "Pandala epilog" and the post-reunification of the Primordial Dofus will be presented to players and they might have a connection with the Eliocalype.