Dofus 2.62:Continuous update Jan-14-2022

With this large update toward the finish of 2021, Dofus Kamas is offering its World of Twelve a major facelift: realistic redesign, new missions, class adjusting ... We should investigate these developments.

In this update 2.62, three fundamental goals arise for Dofus:

Give another rent of life to the game with the realistic upgrade of the two principle urban communities of the World of Twelve;

Proceed with the goliath work of adjusting that Ankama has been doing consistently for quite some time;

To carry an end to the account circular segment of the Eliocalypse to have the option to continue on to new undertakings.

Are these guarantees kept? How about we go for an outline!

Ankama offers us a crazy realistic update here: Bonta presently looks more like the White City found in the film "Dofus Book 1: Julith" and Brâkmar has generally acquired in coherence while being more conspicuous in that thought of a underhanded modern city.

The size of the urban communities has been generally split, thus the expulsion of the Zaapis who could anyway return soon, and each new square is totally new. To help this change, the NPCs have additionally been overhauled and certain exchanges have advanced to have the option to secure them in this new universe.

Note that Treasure Hunts can never again go through these two urban communities, no more x2 xp!But buy dofus kamas is still neccessary for you.

The sewers of the two urban communities additionally had a ton of refreshing work with a total realistic update of the spots, things and the most considerable rivals of the spot: the rodents! The foes have been totally revamped, as have the prisons of the White Rat and the Black Rat, to enroll this part of the region in the rationale of the surface. New journeys are accessible in the Sewers, so it's an ideal opportunity to go investigate them once more!

You can now play Gobbowl to protect the shades of your city! Playable from 3 to 5 players, this game will permit you to play as the Captain, Attacker or Defender of your group (job arbitrarily doled out toward the beginning of each game) and will require coordination and system to overcome your rivals. on account of seven restrictive spells (two normal and five relying upon the job). We advise you that it is just in the field that cheating is approved!