Dofus, 20 years of age Dec-10-2021

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Around twenty decorations are welcomed this December 18 live on Twitch to shield Bonta or Brâkmar in "the Ultimate Battle", the twentieth commemoration occasion of Dofus.

On the event of Dofus' twentieth commemoration, Ankama is putting together its greatest live occasion, Saturday December 18 at 7 p.m. on Twitch, with "a definitive fight". Numerous decorations will contend with one another in the new update "The Eternal Conflict". All through the evening, players and onlookers will actually want to follow the conflict of nearly twenty originators including Deotoons, Deujna, Joyca, Kennystream, Linca, Sofyan or Sardoche. Assembled into groups of three, four or even 10 in a 10-on-10 fight, powerhouses will shield Bonta or Brâkmar.

The list of the groups will be uncovered on the buy DOFUS kamas Twitter instantly. The story will be told on December 18 by the entertainers of the Re: Take channel. It hazards going amiss somewhat from the beaten track of the World of Twelve. To report the occasion, Deotoons has likewise distributed a show video. Note that watchers who watch the occasion on Twitch will actually want to partake in the fight by likewise protecting their tones between the White City and the Dark City, on the transmission stage or Twitter.