DOFUS: Ankama will boycott manual association Feb-06-2022

At the point when the Ankama Launcher was presented, it brought a little unrest for Dofus Kamas : programmed association. No compelling reason to enter your identifiers, you come straightforwardly into the game. Following a while of testing, this will turn into the standard with the evacuation of the chance of interfacing "the hard way" to the MMO.

The last stubborn should become acclimated to it, it will as of now not be imaginable to interface with Dofus by embedding your identifiers yourself, you can  buy dofus kamas on the client. The Ankama Launcher will very before long supplant the famous association outline. After the amendment of a few bugs, the organization appears to be certain and decides that the time has come to normalize this progression, which is at last very excess.

Change isn't all that distant. Faareoh called attention to on Twitter the presence of a changelog for February 7 reporting this cancellation. This activity is a long way from an astonishment, players having been cautioned for quite some time. The adjustment will consequently be somewhat easy.

Update: The direct login page will be eliminated on February 15. The February 7 fix will eliminate the Ankama Launcher choice

Nonetheless, we can stay suspicious. The Ankama Launcher at times stays extremely trial and the Dofus client much more so. Disengaging from it sidetracks to the association outline, for instance, and you will then, at that point, need to close the window since it will as of now not be imaginable to utilize it. In favor of Linux players, there are likewise fears in regards to customary disengagements or the week by week reset of records, actually anticipating a fix. Regardless, some watchfulness will be required.