DOFUS Development Guide - Levels 51 to 100 May-08-2021


You had the opportunity to take your first steps in more or less distant countries. You have met some personalities from Astrub and its environs, as well as from Amakna. It's time to continue this route and cross the borders with the mainland to reach some of the islands. Various content that was started in levels 40 through 50 can also be continued if not yet completed.

From 51 to 80 level

It's time to pay a small visit to more distant inhabitants and beings. Your journey will take you to the Sidimote Islands and the Wabbits Island, while making sure to do your gear previously started with Blops de Cania.

You can also refer to a very interesting new object:

1 Gelano: This ring allows you to gain 1 additional AP while you are wearing it. Don't be neglected!

It's time to begin your next big goal: DOFUS Cawwot! This can be achieved on the now famous island of the Wabbits, which is inhabited by ... the Wabbits. You will have to go through several quests and a difficult path that will lead you to the castle of Wa Wabbit to get hold of this dofus, which will give you the wisdom to gain more experience in combat, as well as dodge PA and PM when retreating.

After the trip and detoxification with Cawwot juice, you can search for the first available content in the Landes de Sidimote in desolation ... but we would like to warn you, a completely different story awaits you! Vapors and poisonous lakes galore tell you that it is not very good for your health.

Not forget

While Otomai Island is not necessarily the main destination to start the adventure, it can always be beneficial to travel there to gain experience or start your long quest for the precious ocher dofu as early as possible. Feel free to hop there if you like, and keep a few existing zaps to easily return to these lands away from the continent.

From 81 to 100 level

With this first starter, you were able to get your precious Cawwot Dofus and hopefully your new set. (or the first part) Now you might be interested in the new object:

1 Caracoiffe: As with Gelano, you can get an extra 1AP as well as vitality with this headgear. It can be crafted from resources obtained in the past from Royal Drops and Turtle Shells, which you can obtain from Lunar Isle.

Just because you are back on the island doesn’t mean that you need to think about a vacation, it’s not at all! Lunar Island is a wilderness inhabited by coconuts, turtles, cannibals, deafers, or even a multitude of pirates led by a chuk. Completing the various quests available on the island will give you the opportunity to leave with a new dofu: dokoko. And this one will be a very good ally when you find yourself in a bad position in combat. It will very nicely complement your Silver Dofu, which you received during your adventures in Astruba.

Dokoko can restore 10% of your life force in combat every 3 rounds, starting at 4 rounds.

For further...

As you complete your missions on Moon Island, it might be interesting to be interested in your first great dofu, the emerald dofu. However, be careful, you won't be able to complete all the quests at the same time, so you can get them all at once. This is content that will accompany you throughout your adventure up to 120-130 levels and get the first clues about its location.

And since this adventure will take you to the plains of Cania, take the opportunity to complete several quests available in this vast area!

Return to Sidimote in a completely different atmosphere! Make way for the madness of the circus as you meet Magic Rictus at the Route des Roulottes, while not forgetting the incredible Chudini in his big top.

You thought you were done This is bad luck, the last stage awaits you, which will lead you to the desert area north of Pandyla. Sakharach Island with its blazing desert, howling canyons and cursed pyramids ...

It can also be helpful to take a look at Riding Mounts after you have all the cards to complete the quest.

Here you are at level 100, a very nice step has just been taken. You will also unlock the last spell in your base set, so you can use 21 spells. You will also permanently unlock an additional action point and gain an aura of power to show all players that you are not here to laugh.

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