DOFUS Development Guide - Levels 1-50 Apr-24-2021

Successful incarnation ...

You have just created your character and he incarnated as Incarnam on the edge of Inglorium, in the Krosmoz space beyond the material plane, home to the twelve people you would like to find in the near future.

1 - 20 levels

Your arrival in Incarnam will be accompanied by a tutorial in which you will learn the basics of fighting and crafting. This way you get your first offer, your fearless offer and your level 2! You are already stronger than before!

Let Incarnam guide you with the characters you encounter. They teach you the basics of the game, the current economic system and the importance of some rules. Your first mission will begin as soon as you leave the temple.

With these various functions, you can usually get your first cameras, resources and some items to equip your character with. You have also reached different levels to increase your vitality and obtain new spells and abilities that you can use to increase the power of your spells.

Most of the time you come across the contents of Incarnam. It is time to keep learning and to embark on a great adventure with twelve people. It couldn't be easier. Use a portal game to get Astrub on the portal east of Incarnam.

20-40 levels

You have the power, but it's not enough to be the hero everyone is waiting for. Time to think about your next run. Doing this with multiple kits and devices will help you face strong opponents.

There are several ways to get these items or sets during your Astruba adventure. By completing the given tasks, you will receive resources to create these tools. You can also contact auction houses if your Kamas wallet allows. However, we recommend that you leave them for later use.

For the gobbol set, you can invite all related items from Tynel's gobbols and the prison gobbol, which we'll talk about later.

Welcome to Astrub!

Here's the playground for your next DOFUS adventure. This area is fully available to all players without a subscription. It consists of a city, Astruba and six other areas that you can access by doing different activities. Here you will meet many characters, many monsters and of course your first playmates!

Here, too, your great quest for the original dofu begins. The first two "small" Dofas can be obtained in the mercenary town of Astrub. What a good start to this long journey!

What else ?

If mercenary city adventure isn't your thing, or if you want to change scenery from time to time, check out Amakna's daily content page! There are so many beautiful things waiting for you, but to get there you have to register.

40-50 levels

Time to think about new looks and say goodbye to the good old dress you bought from Astruba. In different parts of the game, you can get the resources you need to craft different items and costumes so you don't forget your progress.

If you want to go to Pandala after your mercenary adventure, this might be a good choice if you want to continue your Ur-Dofu journey. You will have to complete several missions on Pandal Island to embark on a long journey in search of these six precious sacred tensions. Sufokiya missions show you the maritime landscape of the southern continent of Amakna. Be careful not to get lost in this town. Maybe you are deep in the depths.

Do you choose betrayal or surrender? We can only say that King Allister is not waiting for you! And if the cleanliness of Amakna Castle is making you sick, perhaps staying at the Bworks Hotel will do your best.

Get in the right position

Thanks to these tasks, you can fill your recruitment book well. You need partners to keep many of these feelings alive. So get ready for a trip with your friends.

Two great competitors are waiting for you! Will you become part of the angels of the town of Bont or the demons of Bracmar? The story you start depends on the city you choose, but the story gradually connects with the story of the opposite city to form a general narrative structure.

Spend time ...

There are other missions on Mount Koalak as well as some people from the Amakna continent. It's worth taking an interest in it and finding new stories from the world around you.

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