Dofus: Dungeon of Feudala, factory of fireworks Jul-03-2021

The Péki-Péki takes its bow and gives way to a new family of Firefoux! Be careful, explosions and glyphs in all directions are to be expected!

Dungeon Guide: Founoroshi

The Foux d'Artifice Factory is one of the new dungeons in 2.56, introduced with the Pandala overhaul. It is located in [14, -32] and oriented for level 140 players. Its mechanics however make it more difficult. We recommend it for players of level 150 or above.


Placing a glyph removed from range, while boosting fleeing monsters. Applies the Gravity state with ranged damage. Also sometimes removes MP, escape and tackle.

Place a glyph that removes AP, it gives AP to monsters. Increases the range of his allies and reduces your melee damage.

Places a glyph that increases the final damage of monsters and places erosion on you. Reduces damage taken from allies by giving them shields.

Places a glyph that heals monsters and deals area damage to you based on the monster's position. Reflects damage taken while landing a shield.


Dungeon traveled alongside Catthewin.

Dofus stuff Pandawa Terre Tank, equipment for a panda Terre Bistouille!

Pandawa Terre Tank Stuff Guide for level 200 on Dofus. Focus on equipment offering good Vitality, resistance and Strength to carry your Hand-to-Hand Bistouilles!

Dofus stuff Panda Earth Tank 200

Dofus set for the level 200 Pandawa Terre Tank. You can find the link to these "Panda Tank" sets on DofusBook and all of our sets on the portal stuffs page.

Notes and Tips

1 The Abyssal Dofus is a must-have, allowing to approach more easily with 1 MP more and to gain once arrived 1 AP permanently.

2 You have to choose the Ocher according to the fights. It's not particularly bad to take it, but aiming for a Ripple allows you to gain vitality, while Ocher will only give you 1 AP and nothing more since you are still taking damage.

3 + damage = more tanking.

4 If you want to play with a Crocobur, try not to prioritize Do Crit. The weapon will be used as a significant end-of-turn bonus, not as an in-turn option.

5 The Cloak of Corruption is the icing on your gear, don't hesitate to equip it. We are not putting it here because of its current cost.

6 It is possible to replace the Dragoturkeys for a little less vitality but more stats.

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