Dofus for all time shuts its brave servers Nov-15-2021

​Ankama has declared the forthcoming conclusion of two Dofus servers: Thanatena and Oto-Mustam. A hurried conclusion yet one that appeared to be inescapable.

They were dreaded by the players since they were exceptionally reformatory on specific focuses. Oto-Mustam and Thanatena (yet opened in February 2020) are the gallant servers of the World of Twelve. Running on a similar framework as Diablo III's Hardcore Mode, a person's passing is super durable. If this game mode had devotees, they will be compelled to stop their experience toward the start of the fall.

The news was uncovered on the authority Dofus Kamas site: the two servers will close their entryways on September 21st. This choice is predominantly because of the exceptionally low participation of the two servers. On Thanatena, the latest server, under 500 players all things considered have been associated at the same time over the most recent 3 months. The figures are even lower on Oto-Mustam, though a commonplace server has on normal somewhere in the range of 2,500 and 3,000 synchronous associations. The decision was difficult for the Ankama groups, yet it is important to work on other more visited servers.

The conclusion will be done in 2 stages. The debut will occur on July 27, and will check the finish of in-game administrations. It will likewise presently don't be imaginable to gather forthcoming gifts. The subsequent stage will happen in late-summer with the servers closing down forever. Players with no less than one dynamic person on these servers who have signed in inside the beyond a half year will be qualified for a selective prize. They will open the title "Victorus aut Mortis" on them.

In any case, no subtleties were given on the chance of recuperating the gold or hardware gathered on this record. You should delay until the following posting of a committed FAQ to get extra data.