Dofus has twice as numerous associations Nov-11-2021

In this time of control, many individuals are going to video games, particularly on the web, to deal with and keep in touch. The financial site Les Echos had the option to address Anthony Roux, CEO of Ankama, about the results of the current wellbeing emergency on the participation of their games and the trouble of dealing with the circumstance.

Fundamental titles of Ankama, Dofus, Dofus Touch and Wakfu are among the internet games that have seen their crowds enlarge since the beginning of regulation. "On our four internet games, we went from 200,000 to 400,000 players each day, which is double the increment typically recorded during school occasions," clarifies Anthony Roux.

For the Roubaix-based organization, this abrupt flood is hard without a doubt, even more so when teleworking is needed for workers: "there are associations that continually let go, you need to go there ( four individuals drop by consistently, adds Les Echos). Or then again it puts the players on stand-by to have the option to get to the site and that makes individuals troubled. " Note that Dofus Kamas dispatched the especially expected Temporis IV server for Dofus (60,000 pre-enlisted players) on March 31st. From that point forward, upkeep and specialized issues have increased. An unsteadiness which prompted the delay of the consolidation of the Dofus Retro servers.

Another result: the advancement of their next game, Waven, ought to be dialed back. "Difficult to deal with the core of the venture each from home, we really want to trade a few collectively", clarifies the CEO, realizing that of the labor force of 250 Ankama representatives, just 150 are functional. Getting the machine back fully operational when the circumstance has gotten back to ordinary is likewise going to be mind boggling, as indicated by him: "it resembles when you return from a long get-away, you can't quickly dive once again into the tasks abandoned. ".