Dofus Kamas and Dofus Touch are not crossplatform Jan-14-2020

Dofus touch still receives new content, maybe later than Dofus but content is added.Dofus Kamas and Dofus Touch are not crossplatform. Dofus touch is the same game, but a couple years behind in updates in content to the ''real'' Dofus.

I remember playing dofus back in 2011 but got stuck due to the subscription, the memories.

Guess mobile MMORPGs have stagnated as well. This doesn't look very different from the list of MMORPGs that were being posted here a year ago. Seems like the only big mobile MMORPGs on the horizon are the Eve Online mobile game and maybe FFXI Mobile but that was announced 4 years ago and we have seen very little.That's actually something frustrating. So long ago, just a couple screenshots, no clue if it's even being worked on much. The funny thing is, XI is so slow, and could probably be run on phones just fine with some UI tweeks, it shouldn't be hard to make a close version of it.

Well, I have to do 2x an hour commute everyday, and I tend to have long lunch breaks at work... I also have 2 kids, and just the thought of firing up the pc to play is overwhelming nowadays ... I know it’s sad btw, but it is what it is.

With all that said, I am genuinely having a lot of fun playing mmos on the go, and at home on my iPad, so in the end, it’s fine. MMOs and video games are entertainment, and gosh am I entertained with them.

When your life is starting to have responsibility this happens, being tired when you arrived at home and not having the energy to fire your pc up. Most of the time, I can only play during weekends. Lots of school works + university entrance tests to take. Waking up at 5am and have 9 hours of school day starting 8am.

Currently lvl 16 on WoW Classic as dwarf priest meanwhile my guild mates are lvl 50+ on their way preparing for MC raid.

Do u constantly upgrade ur phone to play games? Honestly the one thing keeping from even trying mobile games is the fact that you need almost an state of the art phone to play them properly, which I don't value that much at the moment.

That's my PoV at least.There are plenty of cheaper phones that can run a majority of these games just fines, like the Poco phone, or many OnePlus devices. Getting a good phone doesn't always have to be expensive.

If your phone provider uses Sim cards you can still use most phones like the ones I mentioned if they are unlocked. Just order one of them from Amazon and would work just the same. I ordered my OnePlus 6 unlocked and works great with my T-Mobile SIM card.

I have an iPhone 8 right now, and everything works just fine. I don’t plan to change phone for a while.My son do have a Nintendo switch. There’s some good games, but I haven’t seen much on the mmo side of things.A switch is another entire device you have to carry around and isn't as compact, lightweight and discreet as a phone, you really can't compare the mobility for someone who likes to travel light.I don't play mobile mmorpgs because of how brain dead the combat is. Of these games, which one has the best combat?

I would say Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale Touchs as it's combat is turnbased and unique. Not as action packed but you do have to think with a bit more strategy than the average MMO pve combat.

Can't speak for them specifically, but the GPDR is a giant headache for any company that isn't planning on investing in a European customer base. The U.K also has a bunch of other laws that can be a hassle. A lot of the time it is easier to just put a regional block to try to prevent exposing yourself to liability.