Dofus Kamas game in terms of leveling up quickly Nov-05-2019

When you cast the int armor, you just reduce int dmg right? But where do you level up from 70+? I remember vaguely that in Moon you could, but not sure if at 70 Rats are good already, compared to the other classes like sadida or Agi Iop there.From there you can just go to your lvl areas like pandikazes and dark jungle, then otomai tree, then the zone before kralove, then ghost at pandala.

The critical levels are the first ones tho; fishes are a huge XP source and, since they are just close combat and have 3 pm, it's easy af.

Elemental armors reduce damage based on your stats. When you cast fire armor, you'll reduce fire damage. The more int you have, the more you reduce in that element.

Rats are good always (once you have a char to do that), since it's pretty much afk. My advice is, if you're going that way, defeat a dopeul before level 20 (they're easy) so you can reset your stats whenever you want. Then, go to incarnam (again, before 20) and reset FOR FREE your stats. Go full wisdom and then go to rats. When you're done with leeching, reset your stats at the temple (just once per char) and profit.

Feca is actually considered the worst class by some of the most renown 1.29 xp/pvm tryharders (The guys from the Shatofu/Alterya blog). It is good for a while when you get the glyph, and can help a lot with kaskargo mobs early but eni can to everything they do with a single spell, and then you have an eni which is better in nearly every way.

That being said, its not useless, its just a worse choice. Play what you enjoy.

Cra is at the moment the most powerful class in the Buy Dofus Kamas game in terms of leveling up quickly, therefore I made a Cra. Cras are excellent for leveling due to the fact you can kill some level 200 monsters when you reach the highest level of Retreat Arrow (around 60).You don't need a cra. An elio paired with like eca or iop can do the same if not more damage.Isnt the idea tho that you can do the damage as a cra solo which seems way more lucrative?

Well if you play solo sure but for me at least in team fights you can exploit much more than just spamming cra spells. Sram/Iop for example have tumult and malevolent trap that can do insane dmg with the proper teams Yes because this was the first time I rushed level 200, and I reset to a different class few weeks later.

Knowing that I can get to lvl 200 like 10 times faster than other classes is what kept me going, not to mention I had no Kamas Dofus Retro problems due to the sets being dirt cheap.

Dofus touch player here wondering what the article meant by treasure hunts. It didn't mention them being pc exclusive but I haven't heard of them playing in mobile. Very helpful guide overall, it'll be a lot of help for me. If there's an updated guide for leveling up professions, I'd like to get to see that too.