Dofus Kamas was one of the best mmorpg Dec-10-2019

My bf is also a gamer and played Kamas Dofus Retro since ever, recently he got me into it and we play together sometimes, usually we do some quests and then go do something else like cook or for a walk so he gets busy with other stuff to do.

I played dofus back in high school and college. I stop from time to time though. But when I play I usually do 5-8hrs not including those alarms just to switch turkeys in paddocks lol. It didn't actually affect my social life or other hobbies because at that whole time I have a girlfriend and I do table tennis as sport. I can say I managed my time that well.

Just finished it and the whole movie is a goddamn masterpiece of animation. Its just super fluid throughout the whole thing. Dare i say its better than Disney animation in its prime, but geared more for adults.

I don't know why they're so unpopular in America, the games and series are amazing!

Cheap Dofus Kamas was one of the best mmorpg before the infamous update 2.0. Quite a shame that americans have not experienced the golden age.

I saw "Dofus" and I just thought of the boring nonsense I saw on Twitch. I was blown away by the animation. That was cool. Still won't ever want to touch the game though.

I love Wakfu and Dofus but their English dubs are just horrific (specifically for Wakfu). They must have tied the voices with sound effects track. When they dubbed it, they made literally every thing else sound almost mute except their voices. My daughter loved the whole thing but it was painful at times.

American here, I would honestly love to see more of this! Personally I have always had the impression that animation was not a strong suit anywhere in Europe really and I don’t really have much reason to justify that.

This has definitely blown my mind though and I’m going to do all I can to learn more!

Can we give credit to the artist rather than just attributing it to the entire nation of France?

French animation is renowned for its quality, partly due to the great animation schools we have and to our strong bond with Japan.

To be fair its a french game companies french anime, soo... And further more, animation quite like this isnt so common, when i watched it I had guessed it was french from the similarities i've seen from the animations while playing their game, never seen the series they've produced though.

If only the voice acting was as good, why does every french animation sound like it's bing dubbed by the same 3 people?

A lot of commercial sounds are re-used. Like hell, i was watching the new Star Trek Discovery episode last night and they were using the T-rex and velociraptor sounds from Jurassic Park, same ones used in Avatar. In this animation even the fireball sounds are very old. There's a squeaky door sound that i've heard a thousand times across a thousand shows.

Still too much digital tweening (that flash/keyframe animated look) for my liking, but MUCH better than you've been seeing from American 2D animation in recent years.

Not really, there’s a prequel to this called Kerubs Bazaar which is a series of short episodes. The prequel to this movie is wakfu, which takes place around 400-500 years after this movie.

Mostly inbetweens and such i think, I could be wrong. I think tv shows just send their boards off to korea.

Strange art direction for Marvel on the End Game trailer. Ironman’s suit looks badass in gold though.