Dofus: learn to play the fun strategy game Jul-14-2021

Dofus is a turn-based strategy game that takes players to a fantastic land. In this amazing MMORPG, the user will face a city full of beautiful landscapes and unimaginable dangers. After performing all the basic procedures, just log in and start your adventures through the World of Twelve. Check out the tutorial on how to play the game online!

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Choose your class based on the style of play.

There are 15 playable classes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages in relation to combat. Choose your favorite one, give the warrior a name and start the adventure.

Basic movement commands to explore the universe of Dofus

The map is divided into different tiles. Inside one of them, the character's movement is free and just click anywhere on the ground. With this, the adventurer will reach the desired position as quickly as possible.

To move between tiles, the user must look for a small symbol on the ground: a kind of circle with arrows for directions. This is the divider between the two tiles, which allows the character to move around and explore the vast world map.

This same symbol is present on the roads of taverns and shops. With it, the user moves not only between tiles, but also in city structures and/or various other places in the world such as caves.

To join a combat, click on an enemy and start a new battle

As in most MMORPGs, monsters are located outside cities. To start a battle, just click on one of them and your hero will meet the creature, and the combat interface will start. It is also possible to join other players' combats, as all battles always leave a peculiar icon.

The player can also choose who will participate in the combat. If you are a weaker character, you can allow other gamers to help you defeat monsters. But if you want to play alone, you can simply close the doors and kick them out.

Choose the most advantageous position in the arena

Before the start of combat, each player can choose their place (from those available) on the battlefield. It is possible to see the starting position of enemies and assemble your strategy to defeat them.

After the combat starts, there will be a circular action order, where each of the combat participants (heroes and monsters) takes a turn. When it's yours, you can use your own resources, which are action points and movement points.

Movement points determine how many squares the player can walk within their turn, while action points allow you to use your abilities for various actions. For this, the class that the player is participating in is fundamental.

At the end of battles, the player can collect the items and make use of them. With this, you can make your character stronger or make materials that are used to create new equipment.

These are the basics of the game. Of course, Dofus brings many other elements, like Professions and Pets. This is an important part, but not essential for anyone starting out on adventures.

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