Dofus: prepare for the Temporis V server consolidation Nov-18-2021

Following a month of experience in Ecaflip City, Ankama has chosen to refocus all Temporis V servers. A second piece of the experience which vows to be exciting. Track down all the data here.

May 19 is a date energetically anticipated by the entire of France since it denotes the resuming of Dofus Kamas no, it denotes the consolidation of the Temporis V servers. Every one of the servers will in this way be gathered in two separate servers: Temporis XII and Temporis XII. Two servers whose breakdown you can see beneath:

To accomplish this consolidation, the servers will accordingly be in upkeep from 8:30 am this Wednesday, May 19 for a period that has not been imparted by the game. To illuminate you about the advancement regarding the upkeep, the twitter and the game discussion will give all the data with respect to the restart time. It ought to be noticed that the standards for this server consolidation are as old as different consolidations as far as name crashes, for example for instance the person whose level is higher than level 50 will have need to keep the nom de plume. or then again in the event that no person has need for a similar epithet, the person with the most seasoned creation date keeps the moniker.

The equivalent applies to partnerships and societies, for example, regardless of whether the union or society with the soonest date of creation keeps its name. The Temporis V experience will end on June 22. Exploit the Eclypsia advisers for gain proficiency with about Temporis V and get restrictive stuff.