Dofus Retro dispatches its new beta 1.35, we clarify all the news Aug-30-2021

Now is the right time! The new Dofus Retro beta 1.35 is live. It acquires eminent oddities the round of Ankama including new sets.

Ankama is focused on the long haul and is doing what it has never done: adding new and elite substance to Dofus Retro.

Also, it begins with the presence of two new extremely significant level prisons. The first is the Ilyzaelle Lookout, home to Ilyzaelle, watchman of the Ivory Dofus. This prison is situated in the most distant district of the Plain of Cania. There you will discover new elite assets just as the Ilyzaelle set which comprises of four things.

The subsequent prison contains the huge Qu'Tan, gatekeeper of the Ebony buy DOFUS kamas. The Qu'Tan Shrine is a dull cavern decorated with sculptures giving recognition to Rushu. Like the past prison, this one contains elite assets just as the end supervisor set: the Qu'Tan Set.

Try not to freeze, you don't need to go through hours on XP to exploit the beta. A Duty Free framework will be set up to permit you to acquire insight and get stuff!