DOFUS - Temporis 6 - All data on the new season Oct-11-2021

On the event of Ankama's twentieth commemoration, the buy DOFUS kamas group wished to start the celebrations with a 6th period of Temporis servers by bringing back mechanics that had been extremely famous with players, like the dropping or creating of spells and the drop hardware, however going somewhat further by adding fascinating new provisions and taking up specific components from the past season drove by Écaflip.

Similar as Rise of the Parchomancers, this season is stirring up the fundamentals of the game by reclassifying the idea of class that players know about. Without a doubt, the 18 classes of the game will presently don't have their standard spells explicit to their interactivity since in excess of 300 new spells should be gotten by the players, and normal to every one of the characters played, regardless of whether they are Ecaflip. , Zobals, Osamodas, and so forth

Be that as it may, each class will have alleged detached and/or dynamic capacities to separate them and present to them somewhat more profundity, find beneath the rundown of these impacts:

The Ephemeral Dimension will open its entryways, as Écaflip City, on Temporis servers to smooth out player activities. This will permit you to rapidly go to Astrub or Incarnam, to see a specific Filip As once more, to utilize the Parchomage studio or to recuperate quite certain buddies.

Pre-enrollments for the Temporis 6 experience are now open and you can pick your game server, your class and your moniker so as not to squander energy on D-Day. To do this, basically go to the authority