DOFUS Touch: Beginner's Guide, First Steps to the Game Apr-09-2021

Need tips to get started with DOFUS Touch? Whether you're looking to earn Kamas, experience, or find material that suits your level, here's a tip.

Your DOFUS Touch adventure begins and you are looking for tips on how to get out of it. Kamas, things, occupation, or even how hr? You are in the right place!

Choose your profession

For your first character, you will need to make a career choice from the beginning.

Throughout your development, you will be faced with resources, and the most you need to collect is their first state. Therefore, it will be very interesting for you to do 3 main businesses.

Take advantage of the opportunity to manage the maximum amount of resources and sell them in bundles of 10 or 100 at the auction.

Your first offer

When you complete your Incarnam training, you will have a good starter kit. However, it ends very quickly ... No problem!

In DOFUS Touch, you have two main options:

1 - Stash Outfits

New to DOFUS Touch, Lairs are a kind of mini-dungeon with two creatures in each that are available in Incarnam. The first, from Dark and Celestial Gobballs, is for level 10 players and allows you to reset the set in question.

The lairs and their kits, adapted to your level, are a great choice for beginners and will allow you to complete the first levels.

2 - Gobbol set

The traditional gobbol set is still a great choice for land and fire trails.

Tip: Gobballs, Gobton and Incarnam Warchief have a higher drop rate!

Do kamas

Although strategies get more difficult after a certain level, it is very easy to create kama in the beginning! As mentioned above, there are just a few key points to consider. If you'd like to know more, we'll also provide a more detailed guide on how to get Kamas!

1 - Manage all resources

With your 3 trades, you already have margin! Also, don't forget to collect water, which is very easy to sell at a good price.

2 - Complete the main quests

In addition to the Lair Quest, the main quest often brings you interesting profits and accompanies you on your adventure.

3 - achieve monster achievements

The Monster Achievements (and the Piou achievement in particular) are very accessible from the start and will bring you many victories.

4 - buying and selling

In most cases, you don't need to buy gear, as the lair and gobbol are enough.

However, you can spend DOFUS kamas to buy water from the owner at the Astruba tavern at [5, -17] for only 1 K / u. Then go to the auction house to resell this water in batches of 10 or 100 and get more than 200% mark-up!

Also consider selling your resources in sets of 10 or 100 at auction.

Sell ??the bluish ethereal weapon to the owner who sold you the water. He will redeem it from you at the following price: (weapon tier + 1) x100.

Thus, level 6 etheric weapons will be redeemed for 700 kam!

Before any break-up, consider selling your resources to an auction house, as you will need Kamas quickly. Therefore, it is better to sell than store.

Bonus package

Once you get to this point, you will make a small fortune ... and start spending it.

In fact, you can buy the DOFUS Touch bonus package, which currently costs around 60,000 Kama per week.

This bonus package gives you experience and drops bonus. This is the same as signing up for the PC version, except instead of adding content, it gives you a substantial bonus.