Your new adventure on DOFUS Touch begins, and you are looking for how to make yourself precious Kamas? If you have already followed our guide and our advice for beginners, you have a small base of exploitable Kamas, and it is on this advantage that you will be leaning.

Very popular on the PC version of DOFUS, these professions have great importance on DOFUS Touch, and the reason is simple: setting up a profession on buy DOFUS kamas. Touch is long, it is tedious, and many will prefer to invest from a way or another to buy equipment in the Auction House

Therefore, the equipment craft trades are very interesting, whether it is the Jeweler, Shoemaker, Tailor, Sculptor, or Blacksmith profession.

How to choose the equipment to craft? It's simple, they are all the most used ones. Just look at their effect, and ask yourself if anyone would like to buy them!

Do you like farming mobs? This passion can quickly become lucrative. Hurry to complete the Bulb Cave in to get the Soul Capture spell, buy Soul Stones at the level of your preferred area, and go farm it.

Whenever you come across a named Archmonster, all you have to do is capture it, and resell it for a good price. You can also apply this technique to dungeon bosses.

Having friends in the game is handy. And that has a big advantage: they are there to defend your Perceptors! Place a few in strategic places, and harvest them in due time: they can be a big source of Kamas.