Dofus touch player here Oct-29-2019

They announced on twitter you shouldn't do it for now, I was able to do it at 8am when there was no one on the server.

Hey guys! I’m thinking of starting a feca, but I’d like a second character to combo with. I’m contemplating a Sadi because they’re such both strong characters alone and they’d be good together too.

Right now I have an Eca, but honestly I don’t see much presence from ecas in the higher lvl scene. But I might be mistaken. Please throw some ideas at me, and any discord channels of English speakers please!!!!

Eca are weird, not too bad but not the best for Dofus Kamas PvE especially in early as they're quite random.

Sadi is really good, feca isn't too bad, I don't see a specific synergy between the two but they're both useful in different situations.

With the launch of the new server, what is the best class to make to be able to carry your team through the beggining of the server, since there won't be many items / kamas available?

I just launched a small new discord trugh my phone( currently on Holiday) once im home ill upgrade it and make propper channels ect.

I plan on playing the new retro and do a fair bit of streaming whenever i can, in the mean time feel free to join the discord?? i look foreward on meeting all you amazing people and playing the Buy Kamas Dofus Retro game on launch the 26th.

Iop or cra are super high tier for carry. Specially if you want to lvl at brakmar rats dungeon. They do take some time and equipment to get there tho, but its totally worth the effort (cras can pretty much carry early game anyways).

Yeah cra is my goal when i get to 90+, but how do i level to 90 is the question. Iop you mean Int or agi? I wanted the first carry at lvl 60 or 70 at most, since it's hard to level up without many equips/wisdom at the begginging of the server. That way i can put my other accounts full wisdom and rush to 90+ on the cra.

Cras are still good at low lvl with burning arrow tho, they can easily aoe kill stuff while being at a safe distance (pretty good for blop dungeon if you have more than one cra). If your goal is to carry at 60 then int iop is better than agi, stength storm deals massive damage but the soft caps are god awful.

You can also create a sacrier and powerlevel at 60 with some basic gear against kanigers, just remember that sacrier drops really hard at late game.

Sadida is one of the best classes to farm at low level due to that map on tainela where you just use your AoE and kill everything. You drop gobball set, then you sell duplicate parts.

I see, yeah it's pretty much what i had in mind, but not decided on which to make first. As for sadida low level, 1 multiple bramble is enough to kill all the gobbals in tainela?

Not sure, where do you level up at 70 when you get the glyph? Aren't the elemental armors separate and need individual scrolling so they are more effective?

Yes, they do need stats to be more effective. Lvl'ing it to 70 is a pain, similar to cha enutrof.