Dofus was a big part of my life back then Apr-17-2020

I played a bunch with some school friends back in the day. Now, it is probably the game i've played most in my life. In my trip to europe I visited paris and stayed with my guild leader and met a few other guild members. I'm also capable of speaking french to some degree and was starting formal courses before the quarantine. It is much more than just a game for me tbh. I speak almost daily with some people I've met through the game. 24 years old at the moment.Damn that's so cool!

I happened to start playing with my best friend at the time and we just got back in business with quarantine too. Years passed and I made some of my best friends Who coincidentally happened to play Dofus Kamas too and we now play together.

USA here, Ive been playing since 2005 on Rushu. I had a friend introduce me to the game and I was hook till about 2010 when I was hacked and lost everything. Dofus was a big part of my life back then, I even got a few friends to play with me. Im back playing now on Dofus touch since its so similar to the old dofus, I feel like PC dofus is just to much for me now.

Played in the earliest alpha when it was pure pvp and pushing somebody for 5 damage was very OP.

Level Up Games in Brazil had the rights to have the game in Brazil with full localization, including subscriptions. The server name was Spiritia at that time. This was at least 14 years ago. People around 25+ know a bit about Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale, but it's not a thing here, not anymore but it was before at least in my group of friends.

I'm from Australia. I discovered dofus around age 13-14 when I visited my friends house and noticed he was playing a different game than usual. I only ever played AQ & Runescape at that point and decided to play as well. My first ever character was a Cra but quickly switched to Xelor (same class as my friends). I clearly remember him saying "its hard to make money in this game"!

Colombia, I dont even remember i think it was 2009 with some school friends that played in buhorado, i started in tinieblas becouse i didnt knew the concept of different servers, my first character was a iop i played till level 20 or so then i started all over with my favorite class to date (osamodas), after 2.0 i stoped playing and years later started again in eratz, now i have a currently reactivated (thanks to quarentine) team of 8 170+ on eratz.

A friend playing this game for 10+ years telling me everyday I should try it. I didn't want to in the first place because I don't like turn-based games, but I tried it nearly 3 or 4 months ago.

Played for roughly 2-3 months but I don't have the time anymore. Despite I don't like turn-based games, I was surprised that I actually liked the game, especially doing dungeons.