​Have you been playing Dofus for quite a while and need to realize how long you have spent in the game? We reveal to you how in this aide!

Dofus is a benchmark with regards to online PC gaming. All the more precisely, it is a Massively Multiplayer Game, a MMORPG distributed by Ankama Games when it was made in 2004. The game was delivered on September 1, 2004 and keeps on drawing in countless players.

In case you are considering how long you spent on buy DOFUS kamas envision that it is conceivable. In case you are not terrified of knowing this climate, discover how in this article.

Assuming you need to realize how long you have spent on Dofus, you can. It was at that point conceivable to realize its absolute membership time from your record and presently it is likewise conceivable to realize your combined playing time. Ankama Games has executed this element for gamers. To discover your playing time, adhere to the guidelines underneath:

1. Sign on to the authority Dofus site and go to the "Record the executives" area (source)

2.In the "games" tab on the right of your screen, select "Dofus"

3.On this page, your membership time and combined playing time will be shown.

The game dates from 2004, so the number can rapidly be amazing. Relax, it isn't unexpected that after right around 20 years of dofus, your total playing time is noteworthy.

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