How to earn Kamas in Dofus-Online? Apr-02-2021

Not all Dofus online players feel like an enutroph! Stacking Kamas one by one, patiently saving up and waiting for promotional offers on Kamas Exchange - isn't that your cup of tea? Especially when your dream outfit is just showing up in the store! Fortunately, there are ways to get the most out of the game, upgrade your character's gear, and start your adventure in Krosmoz without worrying about cash flow issues.

Kama trading platforms

We're not going to lie to ourselves and gradually put Ogrines aside to pay for our dream set. This can be time consuming ... and boring! They don't necessarily have the time or inclination to scratch the smallest ogrins, and prefer to devote themselves to the pleasure of fighting with friends (or sometimes the commandments in the office ...). And, of course, the best deals and the most beautiful devices are always available in a very limited time! Sharing kamas is good, but you should still have it, kamas. When you are little, you don't have time to plunge into a full dungeon, and supplies of this super sword will soon run out. Go to the MMO bank to buy Dofus Kamas! Transferring to your Dofus account is fast and secure.

No scams, no fake loans, no surveys or uninteresting games to hope that some pitiful coins end up in your pocket one day. MMO-Bank is a trusted website partner of Dofus-Online (and many other MMORPGs, by the way) that very easily offers you to exchange your Euros for Kamas. Don't miss out on any limited edition, rare artifacts or cool mounts!

A present from Kamas? Beware of Fraud

How to earn Kamas, how to get free Kamas, free Kamas credit, Kamas donation, etc. Most likely, you received a similar message in your Ankabox or at least once read the title of a YouTube video. We are not teaching you that you need to keep track of your wallets. The internet is full of smart MMO guys trying to take advantage of the naivety of a Level 1 adventurer. Don't fall into the newbie trap! Feel free to throw scams and adorable messages from budding hackers to the team of moderators.

If someone needs your money (or your time ...), others need your Dofus account directly. If you don't feel like stabbing your precious, well-kept HL characters with all this rare gear, don't react to tempting offers that miraculously fall into your box! Or are you too informed to be taken, think of an innocent little noob ...

Look for your account on Dofus-Online ... or not

Believe in Ecaflip, is business your business? You have time to kill. Start a business! Trade all the items cluttering your inventory, or find a rare item that doesn't interest you! You can then offer it on the Kamas Exchange. Be careful, prices for rarer items and creatures can go up!

Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden mit den legend?rsten und beliebtesten Gegenst?nden des Augenblicks: Volles Champion-Set, Waffen und Rüstungen von anderen Servern oder mit einem modifizierten Erscheinungsbild, wenn Sie das Glück haben, eines erhalten is for you! However, beware, cross-community trading is not allowed by the online game Dofus and you may be subject to sanctions by the team of moderators (don't enjoy speculation when exchanging your currencies between communities).

Play nails and only make offers between servers playing in the same currency. High quality items, pets received as gifts for attending an event, tournament, or just the right time of the year (Hello Christmas!). The less frequent the item, the more in demand. If you have alternative skins, that's even better!

My little business ... MMORPG version

Don't want to spend € on an online game? We understand you! Always use the craft industry to improve your home, and those with a good sense of trading to offer their products to other players for a price ... interesting, of course! The competition is tough here, so there is no point in cheating on bluffs. Other players can compare prices, and you will quickly know if you have averages or not.

Potions trade

Thus, speculative trading in Bonta potions can help you generate income. However, this will take time. Each potion costs about 600K. If you can resell it at the maximum price, you can make a profit of 300,000 pieces. This is faster in sets of 10, but first you need to find all the items to tinker with. Also, think about the investment of time you've put into your "business", which might not be as profitable if you end up spending a night there for a few cams ... get a calculator!

Craft Magic Gear

The hardware is a little more complicated. Anyone can list an item for sale, so make sure it's attractive. What's the point of selling a regular hunting knife without added value? Items like Dark Court Shovel, which are HL, are already more interesting. However, if you can add enchantments, critical bonuses, or whatever special effects you want, you are much more likely to attract a potential buyer. It requires not only damage, but also not just aiming for maximum damage dealt. Also in demand are protective measures and effects that reduce vitality.

Count before you start making an item. What price can you expect to sell it for? Calculate your resale costs well. You always need to be sure that you get back at least your initial investment. If you are hoping to get ahead and really earn Kamas, you need to speed up and make some profits, or your business will never benefit.

Check out the community, forums and dedicated Dofus-Online sites to know which items and bonuses are most popular with Krosmoz adventurers. You can't always rely on Noob to buy your base product at three times the price ...