I absolutely adore the Dofus Kamas game Apr-24-2020

UK, 2005ish, back when it ran totally in flash and flash was huge, I spent all my time on Newgrounds and other sites, my cousins were older than me and played Dofus Kamas, he had an osa, other cousin had a sram, other cousin an iop, after a while they all got super end game but I never did.

Got to 120 a bunch of times then gave up, I’ve played on off so many times and made so many characters, I’ve had level 200 farmers and bakers, used to spend hours farming and making bread to wake up to a profit, the game changed too much and it was too hard to find people to play with or good guile’s that weren’t insanely exclusive or 180+ to join.i just wanted to have fun, I absolutely adore the Dofus Kamas game, there’s nothing like it out there, its true lightning in a bottle for me.

I cant explain the feeling I had when I first played it, the original music, the freedom, arachnids in Ankama mines, scammers asking for my password, going to high level areas trying not to be aggro’s so I could see what the monsters were like... amazing, I’ll never forget it.getting a message from my cousin that his ghosts group is open and avoiding aggro to sneak in and level.

Finding good gear back then and money was bloody impossible for us, trying to resist feeding RMT goblins and just try to play, getting PVPd everywhere, bonta and brakmar scrolling, now it’s a very distilled experience, it feels way more linear and less adventurous, I can name a hundred guilds from back in those days but maybe 5 or 10 now. I remember one cell under astrub zaap people would stand and shoot the shit and show off all day, people would be desperate to trade and set up shops, I’d wait for people to log in so I could snatch their shop Spot haha.

I never got into WoW or anything, not runescape, for me it was Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale, and it’s sad that virtually no one can nostalgia with me out in the wild because it’s still not a very well known game, I think it deserves a lot more.

Finland, 2007/2008 I think. My little brother actually got me into Dofus and I have no idea where he found it. We had a few neighbour kids playing with us in incarnam in the beginning, but we ended up playing for 5+ years with my brother. Quit for a while, returned for retro last year. I know maybe 2 Finns from Dofus, it was not very known here.

What a nice thread ! I'm impressed by the diversity we have here and it's really nice to hear all those nice stories, that's a really nice idea you had here.

I'm French myself and discovered the game through friends who were playing it when I went to middle school in 2008. What got me hyped up tho is the fact that I didn't have a PC at the time and I was just hearing all those nice things about what they had done during their previous game session and all. So until I got a PC few months later, when everyone else had stopped playing, I was just browsing the website and reading the encyclopedia and watching some videos.