I cant deal with going back to Cheap Dofus Kamas again Jan-09-2020

But for dungeons? oh boy is it an amazing system. Every turn, every action every players make becomes meaningful, the combat becomes truely tactical. You can't just hammer down a dps rotation without interacting with anything, you have to talk to others, you have to create a strategy that evolves throughout the fight, you need true cooperation. 

The combat feels like pen and paper rpg, but in an mmo package.Most people dont understand that mmo and multiplayer are different on reddit. I remember when they were arguing that hearthstone was an mmo on here...

The combat can be instanced but doesn't have to be either. Like win Wizard101 and Pirate101 people can join your fight.Wonderland Online did turn based combat decently. It had horrible mechanics and was run purely by greed and greed alone, but the turn based combat worked even for pvp.

Ankama's Games are Unique, I played the 1.29 Kamas Dofus Retro and maaaaan that was a Good mmo, I left after 2.0 got released, But if you're looking for a similar game You will not find many...

You can try Warframe, its clearly not an MMORPG but it has some RPG elements, Otherwise take a look at ESO/FFXIV/GW2 and see if you like it, another thing to mention is that blizzard is actually launching Classic WOW this summer, So many players are hyped about it soo you may wanna give it a try if you never played WOW before.

Check out Fonline2. It's an MMO version of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, using the same graphical resources, lore, and cities of the two games, all merged into one big map.As everyone said, I dont think you can find one that is better than dofus/wakfu now. Im really a huge fan of turn based rpg, and I always hope someone will make something like FFT/FFTA but with mmo elements. well, one can hope.Dofus will always be the best of the 2. Wakfu has been on a downward spiral for a while now and things just get worse the more they "update" it; With more and more stuff that forces you to buy things from the cash shop.

Atlantica was great, I personally sunk a lot of time into. Wish there was another like it.. probably on mobile/pc/browser theres Granblue Fantasy.Im looking for something similar and i saw that there is Dofus Touch for mobile and im really interested in that. What are your thoughts on this game?

Dofus/Wakfu is a game that is on PC. Dofus touch did not launch for me.Play Langrisser mobile, it has a pc client that scales the 2d graphics but it is insane. It's very rewarding and not p2w. Only the super whales have some timed advantage but they still need to invest time into it to get good. There are unit roles and it has the holy trinity and then some. faction buffing etc. the community is super helpful. And you can play it at your own pace, just remember its a totally different game at lvl 60, difficulty wise.

But if you are starting out, I either recommend a new server so you don't get stomped in PVP, or you go to the subreddit and look for a guild that does discord because guildbattles are super fun.The switch has the remakes of the original 2 games of you are interested, but langrisser mobile unlocks re-enactments of all the missions in the original games as you level up.

Heh, only a month ago, I too played Dofus, since 2006, on & off, 11 accounts lvl 200. I really want something new, similar to Dofus. If you found one let me know please, I cant deal with going back to Cheap Dofus Kamas again.Didn't think I would see dofus touch on here ahah. 

The PC version is WAY better however, and Dofus touch will not receive any of the newer content, so when you're pretty much endgame, you won't get anything else to do except PvP, it takes a good couple years tho to get there.