I had experience with Dofus Dec-24-2019

Also another issue IMO is that you can play with multiple accounts at once due to it being turn based, lot of people may have multiple geared accounts and can clear dungeons all by themselves or level up/grind high level mobs all by themselves, kinda defy the purpose of grouping people up (I wonder why the devs didn't get rid of this already).

Oh also the game is full of children, literally the player base is so young, probably due to the art style.

They are releasing a new server in a couple weeks that makes it so you can only play with a single account.

Ankama is probably worse than gameforge. That being said, i quit this game and came back like 30 times on the 11 years i've been playing it, its hard to see how it slowly dies because of bad decisions and not listening to the community.

I didn't like the way maps were nor the classes, I didn't search much in depth but wakfu never called me in. I believe the way items work there is different as well.

In Wakfu, you have access to more of your abilities up front and it doesn't take long/many levels before you have a good grasp of your full build and what it's capable of.

In Dofus Kamas, you play the long-term on your builds where you may not even get a single skill relevent to your attribute type until mid-level, but then it makes changes everything when you reach it.

Wakfu seems to be more colorful, flashy, flows better, smoother movement and things in that regard, given it is a newer game. Things also seem simpler to understand in a general sense, but perhaps that is because I had experience with Dofus.

Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale feels way more sluggish than Wakfu but the game was made before Wakfu, despite being games in the same universe/genre. The color palettes of Dofus also have points that feel quite dull compared to Wakfu but it is still a gorgeous game.

They both have very similar mechanics of "kill things to get dungeon keys, run dungeons for better loots, use loots to make sets" though this is early-to-mid game play. I never got to high level in either.

You think so? I honestly never hear Dofus mentioned anymore. It's all Wakfu. I would say that Wakfu (due in part to the animated series) has way more attention than Dofus.

What's that new 1 person server coming on October 17th? You can solo everything with only 1 character or do you team up with NPCs like guild wars?

I meant a server where people can only play with one account, meaning the teams will be formed by multiple people instead of one only, sorry, wasn't very understanding of my part.

I play on a portuguese/brazilian server, and playing with them is one of the last things I want because of their internet/whatever. They take a LOT, like a LOT to play, sometimes they use their whole turn to use 1 MP, and well, it is frustrating.

Yeah that can be a problem for people with bad net, but I think the game shouldn't be affected because of (probably) small amount o people with bad net, IMO it would be way better for the game.

From the very start back in the 2005 days there was people with 8 accounts, it is bullshit, They should've made it mono account from the start.

Yes but someone has to buy these Ogrines! Some people make kamas with that so Ankama never loses money, they just have fewer direct customers.