​I have a tough time playing Kamas Dofus Retro Jan-15-2020

I have a tough time playing Kamas Dofus Retro mmos because of the ergonomics of a touch screen. Idk maybe I'm doing something wrong but it's very uncomfortable.

I actually like Toram Online cuz of the "No Class" system. There is NO class in game. However you can choose your skillset yourself but on limited skill points. For example, all DPS can auto heal but only mages can make that very useful, it being lesser heal and int based. Also it comes with armor skills and you choose your own skilltrees. Ex: Magic,sword,halbert,dagger,bow,blacksmith etc. You are also able to get basically any mob in the game and some bosses as pets, them having skills of their own. Supporters and tanks are quite rare however but very powerful. You have a weapon and sub-weapon, allowing you to use more skills. For example a wizard with a shield or a swordsmen with a magic device OR EVEN magic swordsmen with dagger(magic sword and dark magic are separate trees from magic and swords). The story gets captivating at like chapter 3 so maybe that's why OP didnt get into it. Also the game uses skill charging system where you can up the time of charging skills. Also magic makes use of magic circles making the casting very cool.

World Of Prandis is a game i wouldn't recomand tho. It has no loading screens but its also kind of boring because the locked skillset for every class but if you want to try, i advice you to start as archer because the ultimate skill(ultimates are weaker than the second skill) is the best in the game.

Also i'd like to add Avabel Online, made by Asobimo. It is built like SAO in anime put in various floors of a dimensional tower. You can change classes as much as you want untill level 50 when you get to have class advancement. I think you can advance only once tho but mayne twice.

Must be nice not being able to read. Specifically on the top of the post he said hes going to shared experience he had with this game.Woah! A post about mobile MMOs that's both reasonable and constructive. I had to look out my window to check for any winged swine.

Jokes aside, if you had to rank these games, what would the order be?I enjoyed a lot playing Villager & Heroes until I saw that 90% of the people had my same class (the priest/healer) and made me a little bit sad because I love supporting in every game.

Sword Art Online was pretty fun but constant loadings killed it for me. I felt like half of my play time was staring at the loading screens.

Has anyone played perfect world international online on mobile ? I just got an ad for it today and I've always loved the graphics and never got to play the game on PC so I was actually mildly intrigued Autoplay can be kinda fun but I already have one that I like the aesthetic of and it lets you farm premium currency a lot (monster super league). it's not an mmo but a monster collector, but what's really the difference when you autoplay...

Great review. I agree with almost all. I'm similar where I dont have enough time a day to fire up the war machine and play an MMO. I actually got into world of kings. Yes it has a huge auto part which kinda works to my advantage. I can let it auto some daily quests or fishing, then during overlord dungeons and raids you have to turn auto off due to boss mechanics.

I will try utopia and maybe village and heroes again I did enjoy that one just thought it needed a little polish.

Eh no Iruna online? I played it for 5 years straight. Thought the graphics might not be as good as it's successor Toram imo it's a lot better but sadly nowadays the economy has gone to shit since Asobimo isn't really advertising it so most of the player base is long time players with billions selling items that should have been for a 100k for millions which makes it hard for newer people but usually they don't know that they can farm for pretty much anything they need or craft it with some dedication.

I remember Avabel Online being one of the only ones I enjoyed, but that was due to the auto farming I could turn on if I had to take care of something at work. It also had one of the only fun damage/support hybrids in a mobile MMO I've experienced.

I’m a big IOS gamer and have multiple international iTunes account just to access some of the soft launch game.

Teon tried the subscription model, and it didn’t work that great. That said, they stopped pushing updates on the Cheap Dofus Kamas American server, while the Asian one got a lot of new stuff.