I have no experience with Dofus Kamas panda whatsoever Jul-17-2020

No no, don't get me wrong - I had limited time to watch your vid, so I just skipped around it, so I kinda jumped to conclusions and I'm sorry for that :p I love to see more and more English content! I have no experience with Dofus Kamas panda whatsoever, but if you wanna be efficient at leveling, get melee idols (2x dynamos, 3x yoshes or 3x kyoubs and nekineko) and go with melee build. 

Passage to brakmar will be even easier, because no mobs flee from you there (all go melee, just watch out for miners as they hit like a truck). This area will be 80-90% bonus exp and one armed bandits drops tattoos (120kk/100pc on Echo atm - if they dont sell, craft ap amu and crush with focus on ap runes) and you should get 80%+ drop rate on them with around 150-200 idol score.

Oww thats sounds nice on my server prices are jumping around like crazzy becouse its new server gonna give it a try tomorrow for sure.and I hope i gonna be able to improve my lvl of play soon to make more good content becouse i know rn its mostly boring stuff for some high lvl players xP Im really enjoying the game and the community its nice to everyone. thanks for all help.

 Also sorry for misspellings if they are any but im in work on my phone xP.

Hah Im not rushing my lvls tbh trying also to make some kamas from percs and having wee fun at the same time becouse i never know where to grind So i tried alot of diferent places to see but now with ur help i gues its gonna be couple times faster. 

I wanna lvl up fast to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro around 140 now to be able to be duo element becouse only water gonna be hard to progres with some dungeon withone i wanna do for vids to. and after that i gonna probably start doing some quests for dofuses to finish it later as solo xP rn Im happy i got nomad and shaker its soooooo nice upgrade with also those bonuses from lvl 100.