I have took a break from the Kamas Dofus Retro Nov-20-2019

I'm not sure, i have took a break from the Kamas Dofus Retro and after i came baxk it was gone.

I remember having it before because, i had a lot of problems with trying to do this fight, in raport i wrote that probably i jave started tresure hunt and didnt end it, but im not sure is it the case. I can tell a little bit more about second one tbh.

I've been waiting two weeks for them to fix a bug stopping me from completing alignment 76, so i know the pain.

Thanks you! I have as a goal to make 1 cosplay of each race, for now, osamodas, sram and eniripsa.

I wanted to do this when i was younger and still playing the game!!!! haha, i was too insecure about my body though. Aw man this is amazing and makes me really happy to see! Keep up the awesome work/fun!!! :) Thanks very much! remember it's never too late to do cosplay.

Even though there’s a lot of multi accounters people are always recruiting (mostly French ofc). I personally have 4 so that I always have room for others. Also apparently most of the people on Reddit moved to Algathe so your chances would probably be best there. I’m also in an English speaking guild on Clustus but I think a lot of us are multi accounters, not 6-8 but 2-4.

I play on two accounts. It's actually quite fun, but there are plenty of solo players too.

Come play on algathe and pm me, vigourmortis we have a great guild full of people with only 1-2 accounts.

So my guild we are quite a few mono acc that we do pvp, today I just got g9... only thing is that we are from Spanish speaking countries.

Also pretty please can anyone point me to a site where I can see all the classes, spells, etc. ? I can't decide what class to play.

I was hyped to see Iop's good old fire spell at LVL 17 (forgot the name) that used to hit from across the map but I don't see people use it. Must not be in this patch ... or that was WAAAY back ...

129dofus fandom wiki is helpful but missing tons of data. I bookmarked the old dofus wiki page using wayback machine. That can get u some info missing on 129dofus. Im currently solo playing on algathe with 0 problems making money, training, or partying. Just get google translate ready cause youll likely party with french players.

Just use the regular dofus wiki and Buy Dofus Kamas browse the history tag to year 2008! Thats what I do!

You actually want to go to 2009 as late in the year as possible. I believe 2.0 launched early 2010. Oops. It launched December 2nd 2009.

Noooo , back in the old days Sword of fate was a lvl 17 Iop spell that used to hit across the map in a line. You would point a direction and the character would do like a kamehamehaa.

I like how agi iop guide is like “‘Max celestical sword” and that’s it, that’s the end of the guide. That’s all you need to know about agi iop, max celestical sword and that’s your endgame finished. Just funny. I know it’s because a lot of the old wiki guides were written by people who never got past level 100 and most of the guides end well before that point. But just found this particular example funny.

Would be nice to see them fleshed out a little more as these already feel outdated and retro is only out for 1-2 months.

But still, this saves time from having to go through the Wikipedia history pages and find what build links are not broken, and are up to date.

Yeah for sure, I definitely have to really 'finish' some of them. Most of them I'd like to take to around level 120-130. By then you'll pretty much know what you want to do for a build. I'm also a serious alt-oholic. So I'll definitely flesh things out as I play more of the classes I'm not as familiar with. (I made my first Iop ever a few days ago.)