I interested in Kamas Dofus Retro Oct-22-2019

Playing on algathe, feel free to add me to Dofus Kamas play together and start a community.At one point you say things were simpler. Well, don't believe that if you never played this version.

1.29 is insanely hard compared to 2.X version (for leveling up, making kamas and with jobs also). In 2009 even reaching level 100 was such a hard task and you were respected for that.

This version is definitely no joke in terms of grind, but many players were just kids when they first played this. I spent months fucking around in the low level areas, but now with the knowledge I have and the resources available, I plan to tryhard it .

When I said simpler, I was thinking about the game complexity (boss, spells, classes) and the graphics that had way less details but in the end its a really difficult game.

Hello. Do the 1.30 retro server have unlimited exos like the old 1.29 servers? That’s the only reason I stopped playing 1.29.

Yes ! In Eratz and Henual (the actual 1.29 servers), you can already observe the peak of PvP performance in [-1,0] and spectate some people having like 15 AP / 7 MP.Yeah that’s what I did. Will that be a thing in 1.30 retro server too?

I interested in Buy Kamas Dofus Retro or Wakfu as long as people play multiple accounts. It just kills the world and gives them a complete unfair advantage.

You can play on Ilyzaelle, which is a mono-account server. check out our guild list here if you're interested !The guild list sort of feels like It's a dead server though, last time i tried dofus i remember the zones and even cities i was in being completely devoid of players.Our guild list only contain people that wanted to be featured here and that are English speaking.

It actually depends on how you treat "population". If you walk through maps in Ily, you will always see low level resources such as Nettle, Wheat and Ash taken. Even in remote areas, because there is still a lot of people playing. If you wanna really see a dead server, try doing the following experience in both Ilyzaelle and Echo:Walk up from Astrub to Bonta. In Echo, you probably will less almost none after you leave Astrub and before you enter Bonta. In Ily you will always see people along the way.

Yeah, that's what's worst with dofus. If you wont run multiple accounts (which is a pain in the ass by itself) then you'll never be competitive with rest.

You can loot each one on the monster of the same name and there are great chances you'll be looking for either moskito or gobbal in early. You can loot gobbal set either in the dungeon or by fighting gobball war chief outside of the dungeon, they're mostly located around it or in a zone below the zaap situated in [5,7].moskitos can be found around pandala, above astrub and in some other tiny places.

Will we have ugly dead server names next to our characters when the servers eventually merge into one? That's the only reason why I planned to stay up all night and reserve names but now they might not even be unique anymore and that matters a lot to me.

I think we'll either have this or maybe a random rename. Name yourself Hedge and hopefully you'll get renamed Hedge-[Hog] .

For sacrier in early, Moskito set should work well as a chat set.for scrolling, it's a bit similar as 2.0, you need scrolls to increase your stats. But the issue is that regular stats and scroll stats aren't separated, so if you want 101 in str with scrolls, you need to have a base force of 0 (so if you play a str char and you used your points into str, you need to restat, scroll yourself and then increase your stats back again).