I'm of the players in this Cheap Dofus Kamas Apr-30-2020

Now I feel bad for offering my Facebook friends 1m if they started playing. I feel like I’m dealing hard drugs here, “the first hit is free”.1m really does set them up for Kamas Dofus Retro a damn long time though, doesn't it? Back in the day hitting 200k for your full rune set was a stretch goal that 13 year old me was very proud of.The next time you feel yourself about to log in, just shoot up some heroin instead. Someone should show OSRS to Demi.

Then just don't do it. You know it will have a negative effect on your life. Find something else you can do when you have half an hour of free time. Download a book that interests you in ebook form and read that instead of wasting your time on a pointless grind for pixels.Take up drawing. Its amazingly fun and very rewarding. You just need a good pencil (i recommend a 4B for versatility, its like 1.50 at the store) and some paper, the just do online tutorials on the basics.

Last night I ended up grabbing 500k and buying full rune with a scimmy to give to a new player. When I first joined back in 2015 after I quit in 2005, a guy saw me killing cows in lumbridge and ended up giving me 100k and full rune for later in the game. 

He told me pay it forward when you’re a higher level.I ended up finding a level 124 showing a level 4 the ropes and kinda taking him under his wing. I traded him 200k and full rune and then gave him a shit ton of food so he wouldn’t have to get any for a while. We walked him to varrock and showed him how to get there. Ended up hanging out with them while he killed cows and then we moved to monks after a while. It was very wholesome.

An old acquaintance from school replied to my FB status about mobile last night and today I traded him 100k to help him restart. I love helping new players because I have been scammed and hacked so many times I'm of the players in this Cheap Dofus Kamas. Radiate positivity fam.I've always tried to pay it forward, someone did it for me so I spent about 2 hours yesterday doing taxi from lumby to ge and gave each person following me 20k each. Felt amazing to help people.

I don't understand this mentality of giving a new person more money than they can handle. Like I know you want to help others and it makes you feel good to do so, but you're robbing them of the experience of having to make money on their own, and figuring out why other skills are important in that regard.