I wish DOFUS would introduce elevation to battles Mar-18-2020

I'm honestly surprised how basic their 3d art is, I would think that they could afford a bit more than a really simple stylized look.

But I'm working on Kamas Dofus Retro my own spin of a game similar to the PVP aspect of Dofus with non stylized graphics and proper 3d models. Will be fun to compare it to Waven, since I'm doing everything on my own.Sadly no, but I should really start something (I'm already 7 months into development). Haven't had much motivation to do a blog, because I don't think people will be interested.

If someone is a PVP/Kolos veteran or experienced with tactical games and wants to help me out with tests and balancing, just hit me up, will be a few months till I have a closed alpha tho.

I’m so down for that. Been playing dofus for over 10 years. But I love all kinds of games and been playing many others as well.Waven is much less crowded and minimalistic. I really like. Kudos for developing your game. If it has some 3D on it I could help.

All the current 3d models are done by me or placeholders. You can check out a few models in my devblog that I posted above. Do you have experience in creating 3d assets?

The screenshot is a bit blurry, but the platforms look like 3D to me. Maybe they do the characters in 2d or use some sort of shader/postprocessing.It's unity, lighting effects are built-in in 3D, but here you can see the shadows do some weird things (around the character mostly), so idk, maybe only the character are 2D but that doesn't seem to be a good idea.

I wish DOFUS would introduce elevation to battles, I mean some battles side step this like the first skeunk room - but I mean FFT style elevation.

They already announced plenty of time they’re working on transferring dofus to unity but it’ll take a good 3-4 years to redo everything, have characters follow etc ...

Your screenshot looks fine af but idk if this is what I want. I mean, first I wish for Buy Dofus Kamas to become less laggy and all, I also wish for the game to update its features first rather than its graphics, in order for the game to match other mmo's features.

Then I could eventually be OK with new graphics but that's honestly not the reason why I play it, you should see my game, running all low in creature mode with 0 animations just for it to go quicker, sometimes I'll just use the animations and put everything on high to appreciate it but again that's not what I'm looking for in a mmorpg.

What I don't really get is why Ankama are putting so much effort in new games rather than focus on the one that's the most important and which seems to be requiring quite some attention.