In Ankama Live Jan-21-2022

To wish us a New Year and let us know what looks for us for 2022, Dofus Kamas coordinated its first live of the year. Find here the rundown of the fundamental data.

It's been a custom for quite a while: when Ankama needs to make large declarations, they go through Twitch to illuminate us live, in this manner permitting the local area to respond and pose inquiries live. For this new year 2022, a few new elements are normal from Dofus. Assuming that you missed it, this is what to recollect from this discourse by Logan.

Normally rather light, the main yearly update vows to be significant in 2022! Since the Eliocalypse circular segment is finished, Ankama needs to pull together on the core of the situation and propose the continuation of the fundamental mission: what are the outcomes of the reunification of the six early stage Dofus?

Past the story, many significant changes look for us: update of authentic regions, adjustment of the Ocher Dofus mission, upgrade of Treasure Hunts, correction of specific verifiable hardware cuts, new organization functionalities and two new prisons. !

Obviously, we can add to these gigantic advancements the two normal meaningful themes: center around class adjusting and constant improvement of PvP.

We definitely knew it, however it's presently more than true: the Ocher Dofus journey will be transformed to make it more available! To discover more, we'll need to stand by somewhat longer: a devblog ought to be distributed with every one of the specialized subtleties of the development of the journey next Monday.

The main data we have for the second is that this development will, in addition to other things, infer that a notable region will be totally revamped, and as per Logan: "It's not really the one you're not kidding" . Secret, secret...

A second influx of organization highlight upgrades should happen, with an attention on a more clear partition among Guild and Alliance. We may likewise escape the framework where organization xp comes from individual xp, however that is only an undertaking right now.

Ankama likewise needs to offer more occasions that sway all players on exemplary servers. Notwithstanding the discretionary occasional celebrations, we could consequently some of the time insight "smaller than expected Temporis" consistently!

Toward the year's end, a colossal update is arranged with spic and span content. We didn't count the total sales that buy dofus kamas in 2021.If you want to know more information, you can leave a message below the article.