JOL-DOFUS introduces the card-maker! Jul-10-2021

A new tool for the DOFUS community has arrived on our website: the map generator! Its purpose is simple: to allow all players to explore the level design by creating cards for PVP or simply decorating. There are many options and graphics.

Try your creativity

The DOFUS community is very creative and has shown itself over the years on forums, websites or social media. There are also tools, websites or applications. This helps the community achieve in-game goals, theories, or skins, but programs dedicated to cards are often lacking or don’t allow you to go far.

From this observation for several months. We explored the possibility of introducing a 3D mapping tool. Just like in the player's favorite game. The project was inspired by Relica's Insight work, which depicts the crosshair based on the player's position on the map.

Then comes our creative competition module, Jolia’s Challenge, which makes it possible to organize contests to create skins or handbags. So why not expand it to create cards with new tools?

This map generator is available as a large beta. which has not yet been fixed Whether it is the interface, the options or the ability to create Changes, enhancements and enhancements will be made continuously on the basis of users.

for every taste

Suitable for all types of players This tool allows you to create tactical maps or personal maps focused on PVP, which take advantage of the many graphic elements available to you.

The system offers you more than 2700 graphic elements adapted for use. These elements now make up the Havers-Bags library available in the game. readable from the official website. Therefore all graphic elements used here are publicly available.

community system

The tools presented to you today are just the first step to a more complete space. This will allow you to save cards to share with your friends. before offering additional features We want to make sure that the development tools work well and are properly optimized.

Community artists will be able to submit their own content that can be integrated. They will have their own categories to choose from which themes they can use to create maps.

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