JOL-DOFUS presents its card maker! Sep-03-2021

A new tool intended for the DOFUS community has appeared on our site: a map creator! Its objective is very simple: to allow any player to learn level design by creating playing cards dedicated to PVP or simply decorative. Lots of options and graphics are available.

The buy DOFUS kamas community is very creative and has demonstrated it over the years, whether on forums, sites or social networks. There are also various tools, sites or applications to help the community in achieving its in-game, theorycraft or skin goals. But applications dedicated to cards have always lacked, or did not allow to go very far.

It is on the basis of this observation that we have been studying for a few months the possibility of offering a tool for creating isometric maps, like in the game that players appreciate. This project was first inspired by the work of Relica, Insight, which allowed to visualize the lines of sight according to the position of the player on a map.

Then came our creative contests module, the Challenge de Jolia, which already made it possible to organize contests around the creation of Skins or Havers-Bags, so why not extend it to the creation of cards with a new tool!

This map creator is available as a kind of big Beta, it is far from being fixed: whether in its interface, its options or possibilities of creation. Changes, improvements and optimizations will be made continuously based on user feedback.