Mostly preference and dependent on Dofus Kamas Nov-26-2019

Because it's non linear and more versatile with more range on top of that. They have the same minimum damage at Lv5. At Lv6 Natural attack costs 3 AP.

Mostly preference and dependent on Dofus Kamas what you're fighting. If you're soloing, sacrificing 1 MP to get in line with a mob can be lethal, but you'd also deal more damage for it.

When grouping natural attack let's you not worry about line of sight issues as much since you're not linear. Every turn you pass because you cant hit = 0 damage, that's why I prefer natural.

If you only ever solo I could see a case for cloudy until level 101, then unlearning and using points on natural instead. It's not really viable to level both to 5 pre 100 because you'd have to sacrifice better utility spells somewhere in the build to make up for it.

It has once. I was in 5th grade when it started and it last 2 years!

Life wasn't going well because of family problems and problems at school, so I immersed myself completly in the game. It was weird because I remember how I convinced myself that real life was Dofus, and school and everything else wasn't that important.

I lost all my irl friends and started to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro have really bad grades because I didn't care. All the friends I had were my guild and I even had a " girlfriend " that I never saw but on Skype.

I was so addicted that i refused to go on vacation with my parents just to play.

Addiction stopped when my parents and I had a big discussion and they took me after a common agreement my laptop away for 1 month. The first week was really hard, never felt so alone and couldn't sleep etc.

Sometimes we really don't notice how video games can become a real addiction and have irl effects like : loosing friends, loosing the feeling of how time passes, loosing concentration, social integration, conflicts with family, health issues...

Oh, it was an extreme addiction... I usually play around 4 hours per day, mostly after work. At the weekend I play more times. Anyway did you continue to play nowaday or did you completly stopped after all you had?

Yeah, everything i thought about was this game ! 4 hours is really normal ! Depends on how your life is going, if you have a gf/bf, family, work, friends... I'm really not addicted to any game and can leave my PC off for weeks and I still just feel like I miss a hobby. So you're fine ahah !

I stopped for a few years but I always come back for fun ! Like WoW players come back for every expansion I do kind of the same for Dofus ! But never got addicted again.

I do have a work and I live with my girlfriend which sometimes annoys me if I stay playing too much time. But she understsands that it’s also the game itself that it’s running slow and it takes time to finish a dung or quests. But yea, I think we should not stop it as long as it doesn’t affect negatively our social life and it makes you feel good!