One of my favourite Dofus Kamas game May-06-2020

I think that this is why it's one of my favourite Dofus Kamas game, because as soon as I heard about the game, I went deep into the lore and instantly liked the whole humor and atmosphere of the game.

Actually Dofus is still quite a thing in my environment at least, as a student in computer science, I do see quite some people playing it from time to time but I feel like the average player's age is getting higher and higher.

Dofus was my first MMORPG experience so I guess it had quite an impact on me since then, wouldn't say that it's definitely THE game that impacted me the most but yeah, I'll keep memories from it, Ankama Convention was a cool damn thing. But now that you're saying it, I remember spending a lot of week ends playing the game and I was so bad that it's frustrating to see I spent hours and hours just to get leached through a blop dungeon...

I started playing on dark-vlad.. lmao. Lot's of sweaty fights and eventually got pk'd at lvl 150 to AL-Cruor if that rings a bell with anyone. Then I died again at 150 due to some dumb stuff and I was done. Lot's of crazy stuff though (fighting 6 gobble geared 40-60's and you would drop ALL their loot).

Im from Quebec, Canada. In my school, everyone was already addicted to MMORPGs and were playing Runescape via Im not sure about the years, but when I was 9 or 12, the Dofus was introduced on Miniclip, so everyone started a character. I've been playing on and off ever since, mainly on Hel Munster, Agride when iy opened and Ilyzaelle. Im now 26 and restarted playing several hours a day on temporis!

To be fair, practically all RPGs use some form of non-linear scaling for leveling up. It’s weird that OP’s friend didn’t notice that so far, either in RuneScape itself or in other games.

Yeah he’s never played an RPG surprisingly. He’s not much of a gamer. But he likes AFK games so I told him to give it a shot.

I actually avoided it for that same reason. Getting a taste of fast xp and perks would make normal OSRS feel more of a grind in my opinion. Like playing private servers.

That definitely would have been me too. I had the same with Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale games like Ark where some servers would have boosted rates for materials. It's a shame, as I loved the concept of the region lock and everyone being an Iron for a limited time leaderboard.

I had serious trouble getting back into the main game after twisted league. Actually took a few months break before coming back because I was spoiled by unlimited run/triple resources and huge xp.

It was a perk in twisted league. Any resource skills would send the materials straight to the bank.Yes but, once activated, the relic was permanently on and cost nothing. Also couldn't be turned off though.

Yet not a single person has linked where the repost is. My real life human friend sent me this text. Dunno what else y’all want.most RPGs don't have xp requirements that rapidly out pace xp gained level over level. It's not like if you try to level a character 1-120 in WoW that you'd only be halfway done at 110.

Thank you. I almost started doubting myself in thinking that RuneScape is the only one it's so prominent in.Most games use the same type of massive increase in xp required. But the xp gained usually goes up a lot too.Yeah, for ex iron being something unlocked so early and being meta until late game is something not typical of most rpgs.