One of the best MMORPGs I've ever played Cheap Dofus Kamas Dec-11-2019

Not knocking the quality at all, because it's first rate. But the Kamas Dofus Retro stylizing, angles, effects, they're all very Japanese. To the point that I would suspect this was done by a Japanese studio, much like Teen Titans or everything animated from DC and Marvel.

French animation is often closely related to Japanese animation, France is the second biggest market for Japanese manga/anime after Japan.

France and Japan are countries that share a real interest for each other's cultures, French are weaboos, Japaneses are ouiabous!I had read that the styles we attribute to manga was actually inspired or somewhat copied from French graphic novels.

Ouiabous is an amazing term hah. Also is there like a subreddit for french / belgian animation? I've seen stuff like asterix, tintin as a kid, and also movies like Dofus, Avril et le Monde truqué and Le Roi et l'Oiseau which were all amazing. I know theres prolly much more to watch but where to start even heh.

There's no French or Belgian subreddits dedicated to animation that I know of, but feel free to ask about animation on r/france, posts in English are welcome ! (Ask during peak hours -mid day in France- so your question will not be buried with the rest of the nightly activity.)

It was done in the northern french city of Roubaix whose "plaine image" (litteraly "picture valley" in English) is famed for the quality of the animation produced there.This is fairly old, but really good. it's top notch animation for sure. I'd assume most of these people that made this went to Gobelins.

Well this was a treat, thanks. I work in feature animation and I find many of my French colleagues to be depressingly talented as a whole.

Wtf? Nah fuck Western animation and anime, if I can get chills watching 4 minutes of animation with two characters I know nothing about... holy shit this is good.

We've done it, ladies and gents. We've found the dumbest possible sentence in the English language.That's the hill you're dying on? That maybe all your life in the US you've seen maps that don't have France clearly in the western half?

Awesome post, Dofus (and Wakfu) are great, original mmos with beautiful art and unique features. Its not perfect but still one of the best games i played.

Cheap Dofus Kamas is amazing. One of the best MMORPGs I've ever played. I love turn-based combat, since Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics.I just stopped playing it because I didn't like the idea of playing multiaccount. And everyone plays multiaccount in that game... I was playing with 2 accounts and a friend of mine was playing with 4. When he wasn't online, I couldn't do anything by myself. Not even some leveling (I was already level 194). So I decided to stop playing it. But I love the game, it's so good.

A new server will be released on the 17th October, it will be a mono account server so you might want to check it out! Lots of players are coming back for this one.

Players often play with several accounts on the same time thus are self-sufficient. This server doesn't allow that, you can only play with one character at a time so you have to play with others.

Yeah it's great game until you grasp on how much P2W it is, and worse part it's in a P2P game, you wouldn't expect that there. Prices go under huge inflations because everyone is buying Kamas (in game currency) with actual $$.

Well this wouldn't really be a problem for someone who want to solely focus on PvE which is very good in the game but you'd be missing on a big part which is PvP.