​Opinions on non str iop Oct-11-2019

So, I was a little apathetic of my sac so I started arena with a iop. I am traveling inte/agi and it's absolutely funny, I'm lvl45 atm.

Wanted to apperceive what do you anticipate about the Sword of Fate skill, is it powerfull abundant to alter iop's wrath? I'm tolcking about AP amount / Accident output.

Also i'm adequate those amalgam fire/air accident spells. Do you anticipate they are good?

Also, those blazon of spells, gets added stronger than others from anchored accident stats? Like, +5 accident would be +10 for thouse spells? 5 for the blaze and 5 for air damage? Am i right? Could cause i'm seeing in my iop that Sword of Judgment is doing absolutely added accident than the blow of my spells.

I advised to amalgamate agi with somthing abroad a while ago aback i adulation abstention and locking.

I don't absolutely like it from the approach (just account the spells) the bouncer seems appealing low at my lvl tho so is it account it?

Could it be bigger accumulated with addition element? wich one?

Also, they assume actual few spells, even beneath than the agi branch.

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