PC Dofus has seasonal server events called Temporal May-12-2020

The double Ouginak comp actually requires a Feca, but I forgot to add it.

I think in higher floors you might need a feca to not get bursted. Idk I've done all 6 primordial dofus but I am too scared to do Vulbis because of dreams sooo... You go check.

Made me day & really accurate. In PvM i would rank Cra+Enu over Cra+Panda but its fine.

Cra/panda is quite broken since Cra can basically have whole map range and Panda can give no LoS to his skills, it's a quite strong comp.Because they are not as toxic as the multielemental build and therefore do not qualify to enter in this select list of "asshole builds"I’m agility right now, planning to go strength fire soon ^ As long as you don’t play AP withdrawal you’re a decent human being.

Give me 500kk aNd I'll say hOw you get faSt kama.Spot on! Haha I did it and ended up on rogue and that’s what I main.Ilyzaelle is a global mono-account server and is easily the most populated server. 70% of the community is French, 20-25% English, and 5-10% other so it's not too bad. Best if you join an English guild though. The population is very large. Before the pandemic lock-down, Ilyzaelle had on average 80k players and 500k across all servers. The pandemic gave it a huge population boom with now being 90k on Ilyzaelle and 690k across all servers. 2 months ago, there was a 2-3k player queue and 2-3 hours of just trying to get in.

Dofus Touch is f2p and even more populated. However, it's running on a very ancient version of Kamas Dofus Retro back in 2013. Idk if there is a mono-account server on Touch though.

Personally I'd go for PC modern Dofus because it's up-to-date and subscription is so cheap its less than half the price of other MMORPGs.

Herdegrize server is Dofus Touch so it's running on a very old version/patch if you're okay with being behind on content. Also, it's a French server so I doubt there is even an English community there at all. I downloaded Dofus Touch just now to see if I can even access French servers and I can't. I'd assume you need a French IP to even get to choose it. Your only option are the global server Dodge and Grandapan.Had no idea it was still this populated. And I'm french, who are the core audience of this game.

The servers felt empty a lot 2 years ago but then they’ve made a fusion. Like, they took 4 servers to make 1. It doesn’t feel empty ever since.Dofus Touch is definitely far more popular especially Internationally (and definitely far more f2p friendly).

PC Dofus has seasonal server events called Temporal. That's basically the only time it's worth playing PC Dofus.

Is Wakfu any better than Buy Dofus Kamas? I remember I played both way back when (at least 10 years ago or so!) and I remember liking the Wakfu dungeons more, but I haven't played in so long that I feel it's worth asking.

Prob not wakfu. Their devs spend so many resources constantly reworking the same shit over and over, and then dumbing down the classes until they have no identity and arent fun to play. Theres barely any people so if you want to "progress" you end up running 2+ accts with "heroes" cash shop buff active in order to have an actual team. The cherry on top of this shit sundae is the amount of generic bullshit loot they keep throwing at you, which you either keep turning into dust and shoving in a bank alt, or throwing away.