Sacrier Ecaflip adjusting Feb-17-2022

The support expected on February 16 has at long last passed, a chance for the Dofus Kamas groups to fix many bugs on Temporis. Yet additionally to make a pass on the adjusting of the classes and specifically of the Sacrier and the Ecaflip. A definite changelog is accessible on the DOFUS gathering.

On the program, the arrival of the NPC Halvari Sendor in the Hall of Valor. It will again permit you to acquire Ioptons with your exchanges, without mishandling them. Different revisions go with it, on the bugs of characters caught in the prison yet in addition on the Ilyzaelle and Qu'Tan sets. These will likewise be more straightforward to drop.

The Kralove is getting a few changes for busy times, and the deferral to change arrangement is decreased. Many bugs on the Retro Temporis servers have been fixed. However, what truly interests us here is the adjusting of classes and specifically of the Ecaflip and the Sacrier.

Sram: The Jinx spell applies the Targeted state, which fixes bugs on weaknesses.

Sacrier: Punishments currently give two times however many attributes as harm endured. The most extreme per turn continues as before.

Ecaflip: On a basic hit, a decent harm reward (or last harm for level 6 spells) is acquired for a term of one turn.

Sadida: Poupesque Sacrifice presently applies lifesteal toxin to summons.

At last, for a lighter touch, the Dazzling Belt and Nine Tails Sword will never again drop from beasts underneath level 160.

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