Seeking some advice Oct-11-2019

I play as a 192 Str sac currently, a lot of acceptable alteration to an str panda, my acquaintance plays as an 176 int ougi. We are aggravating to acquisition mobs to action but aren't accepting abundant luck.

Everything either takes to continued or gives no exp/drops. We use 304 CaC idols. Muta, Yosh, abundant and major, alongside agent abundant and major.

Anyone accept any account what we should be fighting? Tried Sakai beforehand but died due to mobs accepting awe-inspiring furnishings like halving bloom or abstention attacks with no counter.

Last question, I've apparent humans say pandas can unbew themselves every turn, but cannot see that spell listed, what spell would do that?

Salo told me that Fights are apathetic because you're duoing. Appealing abundant gives you bisected the xp if you duo.

The xp multiplier from 1->2 characters is 1.1, but you now accept 2 characters active about accomplishing accident and crumbling time. And added importantly, the enemies AI now has two characters to jump inbetween, crumbling fuck endless of time application all their ap and mp rather than advancing already and passing.

Should be accomplishing mobs of 2 in like <1 minute. With 2 players aggravating to fight, abnormally with those mp idols, I brainstorm it's added like 3 account +.

The best way to accept two accounts leveling calm is accepting one as abounding acumen and killing them asap. The aforementioned applies to any bulk of players tbh, a lot of of the accepted leveling strategies abandoned use a individual appearance + all leeches.

Sacrier is accomplished at ability leveling, you just casting bloodbath alert and pass. Should be able to do Sakai mobs fast. Emerald dofus helps a lot. Annihilate grabba 1st with your 4 ap accident spell (not bloodbath) and it should die afore you do. Then spam bloodbath to win. Abandoned do mobs of 1/2 in the albino breadth alfresco of the forest, as central the backwoods stabbas spawn and will be about absurd to annihilate with those mp idols.

However, xel3 is bigger and you could hit 200 in like 2 canicule there afore sac gets nerfed and dofus kamas buy that action doesn't plan anymore. Just get chic ring and spam jashin ritual and bloodbath.

Can aswell do xel2 mobs, enu2 mobs, any added breadth of frigost (fangs/asparah/tears). Etc etc.

May get a lot added xp adjoin assertive mobs if application beneath mp idols, even if it's beneath xp per fight. Something like above agent for nekineko.

Really helps to do this being in groups of 4 as you can get 367 account with no mp idols.